Kick It Like...ehm...panda?, Phenomedia (3D)


Title: Kick It Like…ehm…panda?
Name: Phenomedia
Country: Germany
Software: Max6 Photohop

Here is another render of our soccergame.

You can find the pandas biggest enemy here:

Rendered with mentalRay3.2. Ocean Shader and simple Skylight.

every critique is welcome…

>> Hi resolution image <<


Very nice render. I like the colors a lot.



That is soooo cute!! I usually don’t do these fanboy comments, cause - well, lotsa folks will do that anyway - but this just hits my heart. :love:

No critique, I love it as it is. But then again, I always had a thing for pandas.


  • Jonas


I like everything! Especially that balls! :smiley: Style of the rendering is very cute. Good work my friend. :thumbsup:


wow :bounce:
I’m honored.

Thanks Sheep Factory


Looks awesome, but theres one thing that was bothering me…

The DOV(Debth of View)… near the tall building, it gets sharper… I don’t know if you ment it like that or wat?


Love the concept of this artwork. The rendering/modeling is great as well. Awesome piece here ^^


lol , funny idea and great work :thumbsup:

Another nice render , another cute charachter !
I love the facial expression here too

Man…“you had a new fan” :smiley:


the renderind has something really special. I really like it! Perhaps a linear cartoon clouds could complete it. It would reduce the sharp effect of the montain/hill i think


That looks gorgeous, love the image.
But I dont like the water. Remember water is transparent and has substance. The water looks shallow in the image cos the character is standing in it. You should atleast be able to see the bottom, and anything below the surface, unless of course the water is very murky. But then you still should be able to see something just below the surface anyway.


@monstre: Yes. It was ment to be that way. I tried to simulate (photoshop) an overbrightning background. But i must admit :hmm: that didnt work that well.
The whole DOV is just photoshoped (I know that could have done better)

Right now I really have a hard time leaving my PC and go to bed. :wise:
There are so many nice comments, questions and private messages to my first and last 3Renderings on this forum.
Thanks a lot.

…and a big thanks to the admins putting me to the frontpage.
I took a screenshot :thumbsup:


you never seize to amaze me florian :bowdown: (becomming a fan) texture & lighting is great, the colors look like water colors…did you by chance use Ink & Paint ?


the picture is great… surrealistic.
some minor techy problems… but who cares ?



I like it, you got skill. Your other Images are great too. :applause:
So your working for Phenomedia? Where is Gothic 3? :slight_smile: Part 1&2 were really good RPG´s.


Great image! Immediately I want to know what happened to get the panda in this situation, and what’s on his mind.


florian, you produce some amazing work.


Very good job man:thumbsup:
yes nice colour:bounce:


I love it! , the panda has a great expression on his face, a real “fed up” look , Good Work!:arteest:


You do great work!


very cute …