Khosi_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Thank you @Beatrix
day 19 ohh too close "that time you get a small present and you’re like thats not an Xbox


Day 20 “the time you get home for christmas and the roast smell hits you” cant wait


Day 21 one left woottttttt :bounce: christmas food is finger licking good


It looks to me that you’re really improving on the expressions and poses, they look so natural now. Although that does make the most recent one kinda scary, I really hope that’s cranberry sauce :slight_smile:


Great expressions indeed! Also a very good work on all of the body details.


@csbutt and @nataliel thanks guys and yeah learnt a lot as i went through this challenge trying to get expression as quick as possible was tough but gets you to think instead of modelling the T pose all the time, this was fun:D


The final day and @csbutt thats not cranberry sauce:argh:
day 22 well definitely not cranberry


I don’t know how you were able to pull this off. But you did. Man. 22 days, 22 sculpts. I mean, what the hell.
I’d need 22 days to do one sculpt and it wouldn’t be half as good as one of yours…

You did an amazing job… :eek:


thanks @Lammakian yeah pushing through these and it got easier as i got through them


It has definitely been a joy seeing your sculpture work. Amazing and inspiring you sculpted something for all 22 days!!
Congrats :smiley:


Lovely work! I agree with Lammakian, i have no idea how you made it, you got to be crazy gifted to make one per day :eek:
It was a pleasure to see your work and see you again in 2018 with more sculptures :slight_smile:
Merry Chrismtas and a Happy New Year!!!


@POSEIdOON, @justcallmeinsane thanks guys hahaha yeah my shoulder is upset but holiday so just relaxing now. thank you
and Merry Chrismtas:applause: and a Happy NEW YEAR:bounce:


How have I not seen you so far?!


Hahahaha @fustifoccs Ninja Skills OP