Khosi_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


So up to this one, gonna be sketch or quick sculpting (no detailing just capturing character maybe?? will see) my favorite concepts on my lil bamboo. this one is by karlkopinski so it today and just had to sculpt it.#DrawCember :scream::scream::smiley:


Couldn’t post yesterday so posted on my Instagram. really wanted to do work on the face more but these are sketchs so i got it as close as I can, guess who?


day 3 work, feeling like crap but also bored so spent more time on the sketch. inspired by Jerad S.Marantz. jsmarantz


Good work :slight_smile: keep it up!


Day 2 : Is that Batista ?!
His eyes are so intense, that’s great !

Good luck with the next ones. It can’t be easy to do these sculpts ! :eek:


Thanks @Sutansan & @Lammakian and yeah thats Batista didn’t quite get his likeness gave my self 4 hours except on sunday.

Day 4 ------ “happy friday wait sorry its monday”
couldnt help my self


Wow, these are so amazing! Love the emotion in their expressions!


You call this sketchs?!.. so much detail. Really cool!


(Day 5) Thank you everyone for the kind words.
Decided to do a Santa.


Nice sculpts. I was wondering if someone was going to do zbrush. Number 5 reminds me a little of Santa Reinhardt


Really cool Santa!


hahaha yeah @SmallPoly they look similar. and thanks @POSEIdOON

day 6 decided to go for that sweet moment you get something you thought you’d never get but grandma does it anyway :smiley:


day 7 too tired after work.


Loved this cute fella :slight_smile:
Very original place to put the horns!


Wow these are really amazing, I can’t believe that it’s only taking you a day to do each of these sculpts!


I agree with csbutt, it’s amazing that these only take you some time after work, and when you’re tired too! :eek:


Incredible 3dskills man! Nice Works!


Thanks guys and yeah this is fun but its all mirrored until the end so its pretty quick. also great challenge
Day 8 lil elf working away


The elf reminds me some actor!..


Missed day 9 but still did something for it. @POSEIdOON not sure used random pics for the facial shapes.