Keith Beltramini - Lead Scene Assembler / Generalist


Hello all!

My name is Keith Beltramini. I am a Lead Scene Assembler at Blur Studio. I create environments, lighting, look dev, rendering, and composite as well. I am currently working on some personal projects that I aim to finish soon. Seeing everyone post their work is certainly motivating enough for me to get to finishing them up!

I hopped on CGSociety a few yeas ago and I am excited to see it making a comeback and love the new design. I’m hoping that it picks back up, especially with all the work that Travis and team put into these updates.

If anyone is interested, I believe you can link to my CGS portfolio from here, but if it’s easier to see through a link…

It is always inspiring to see some of the great work you all do on here and I very much look forward to seeing more!

If anyone is interested in linking up and making some more connections, hit me up whenever! I would love to get to know more of you and talk art!


Great to have you here sir, see you at the summit if you are coming and check in on some of these other young whipper snappers and say hi