Keeping the move manipulator visible during scrub / playback


Hey folks

I’m not familiar with the deep down API stuff, I’m an animator who knows some MEL, but wondering if there is a relatively easy way to just edit / hook into / copy the standard move manipulator (or rotate or scale) and have them / a duplicate of them be visible while scrubbing the timeline / playback and maybe have that be stored as an options somewhere the user can easily toggle.

If I can’t find a clever way I’ll have to do something really lame like create an object and hook into the global timeControl variable.



Hey buddy,

wow, rough… no one replying for 3 months… These forums used to be much fuller…

Anyway! Not sure about the manipulator, thats an interesting one, will look into that myself when i have time, as it sounds super helpful in some cases. But what you could do instead, is display Local Rotation Axes (Display -> Transform Display -> Local Rotation Axes) which stay on even when scrubbing… (Plus it’s a menu item, so you can easily pop it over to your shelf to have it on hand.)

Hope that helps a little bit… What did you come up with during the silence treatment you had here?


not much, use interactive playback, but doesnt loop the timeline, LRA visiable as you said, make an object, contrain and delete it based on playblack state. that’s it sadly