kaz's sketchbook


I try to draw daily but sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. I hope this thread will help me keep drawing every day!
I will be posting fanart/original work. This all just for practicing


Witcher 3 Geralt is amazing, isn’t he?
*toned tan paper, mechanical pencil, pitt pastel white pencil


22.06.15 - Ciri

Witcher 3 fan art continuation…
I find most of the women in the game are SO beautiful cough crones cough.
I love Ciri, especially her outfit, the bra strap on one side shows a bit of the feminine side of her even though she is so strong and tough. I love her voice too!
Which beautiful lady should I do next …

*white paper, mechanical pencil, eraser


Nice sketches!
Really liking the first one. The white accents on the hair and beard are a nice touch.


Thank you (: I love the drawing on brown paper, white stands out a lot!


25.06.15 - Yennefer
Yen and Geralt make a fab couple!
*mechanical pencil, white pencil, pencil eraser


28.06.15 - Triss Merigold

*mechanical pencil, white pencil, eraser, tan paper


Finished my first play through of W3. Got the terribly sad ending and it ruined my day.
I had to sit aside and think what have I just done.
So this drawing pretty much sums up how much of a guilt trip I am having right now.