Kathryn Mccormick, fiazshaikh (3d)


Title: Kathryn Mccormick

Name: fiazshaikh

Hello Everyone this the first time I have tried to work on face at home following the vfx pipeline and experience that I have gained in few years.It is still in Wip status and plan to pick it up again in near future.I am not a pro in Texturing and currently trying to learn so right now have just projected camera that I had matched to get a over all idea.I have used base mesh from The Digital Emily Project and the tweaked to match the face as we do in vfx pipeline. Majorly worked in maya sculpting and hair blocking and face refinement in zbrush .Then used xgen for Hair and Arnold for render. Xgen Hair I learn following Tarkan Sar?m tutorials .
The beautiful lady is kathryn-mccormick (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3663324/) my favorite dancer from so u think u can dance show and step up movie .I selected this Image because of the front view and beauty and tried to match .


marvelous Work. You Deserve A Follow & A Like.