Kamila Szutenberg_Beyond the Wall Work in progress


Hi guys,

here is my final image:


Welcome to the challenge


So I took a break from the last piece and spent a while thinking about the story I wanted to convey with this illustration and as a result, I did a completely new sketch. Would love to hear your opinion guys, which one do you think is a better one? Thanks!


Nice Composition!



Thank you! :slight_smile:




Hi kamila,
The previous composition was coming out nice,as for this one
I think midground is not visible due to additional foreground characters.Overall coming out Nice!



Zoom out and be fearless with your scale diversity. Small medium large characters. Same with areas of rest and detail the spacw between is as important as the characters. Sebsatio Delgado was great with midgrounds and might give you a few ideas with crowds but this is a great scene. If you are pushing for an intense closterphobic feel don’t be afraid to scale the dragon up and cut him off it’s the feeling your after. If it’s the scene zoom out and get extreme with populating it with the action. Star wars pushes you inside the room or hallway and gets intimate lord of the rigs go vast there’s no right or wrong just what you want the viewer to feel. Looking forward to the next pass

Btw the overlapping in the crowd is great I’d push it even more take advantage of the depth!


Thanks guys for the great feedback!

Here is another update:


And another update :slight_smile:


Still waiting for your final update, Kamila! :smiley:


Haha uploading in 5 min :smiley:


Ohhh, snap! Here she comes! :smiley:


aweosme ! great to see the progress