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I figured since this will be pretty much where I will be in the forums I would post here to say Hi. Looking forward to picking up some tips from everyone. I am a longtime graphic designer moving into 3D with AM. Just upgraded from 2002 to 2005. I bought the program a couple of years back and have just recently picked it up with any kind of commitment. I bought tha Animation Masters Guide and everything seems to be going very quickly. So anyway to wrap it all up, Hey and I hope that you all will overlook my silly questions for a bit till I get up to speed.



Welcome to the community jchas26! Don’t forget to check out the Hash forums as well (free registration).


Hello! :wavey:

Don’t be afraid to ask whatever’s puzzling you.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with A:M. The program has a habit of spitting out wonderful results when a professional graphic type mans the computer. :thumbsup:


Carl Raillard


I like that working with splines is very similar to working with nodes in Corel, Freehand, and Illustrator. I think my biggest hurdle will be learning the quirks of my meshes. When to use/not use hooks, 5pt patches. Things of that nature. I can’t wait to post some things.


Welcome aboard. I don’t know much about anything in this program, but anything I can help with let me know.


Hello, again.

You can even use Corel and Illustrator, to help create models of mechanical objects, the sort that have a lot of straight sides and geometric shapes! Animation Master has an AI file wizard. See the attached jpg.


Carl Raillard


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