Jump Attack


Here is another short animation I did, feedback welcome



Bro, the animation is very smooth and well done, but this is the flash forum, not 3d animation. :slight_smile:
Which program did you use btw?


oh my goodness I’ve been reading the title wrong the whole time hangs head in shame

I use maya.


Alot of people have actually posted animations here for critique, most likely because it’s the first thread that mentions “animation” :smiley:

Here are my critques:
Looks kind of floaty, the character doesn’t seem to have much weight. The reason may be due to the fact that his foot doesn’t plant very well.
Here is a link they may or may not be useful http://www.freetoon.com/prestonblair/02-charactermov/pages/106.html in terms of the difference between a walk and run.

I think the character should swing his sword when he is half way through the air and not when he lands. That may look better :shrug:

By the way I’m not a left hander so I can’t comment on the swing bit. Also I don’t have a mirror with me :smiley:

Note: these are just my opinions.


you’re right about the floatiness, I think I might have flattend the tangents by accident so I’ll go through and break them so the guy has a distinctive plant. Thanks for your crits, should the animation go in the techniques forum?


Yeah, it should go under the “3D/2D Techniques” > “Animation” Thread. In order to get better feeback.


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