July 2016 - Michael Holvoet



for this new first self challenge, I choose a reference from the last of us :


I begin the modeling process, blocking major shapes before adding détails :



Hi Michael,

I didn’t play that game but I always loved visions of abandoned cities where nature rules again. I see you’ve started up in 3D and this is great way to learn and increase 3D skills and create good base for further work. But if you want turn it to photoreal DMP in the end, i’d suggest mark the day when you will tell yourself “stop modeling and start working with photos”. Or at least I would give myself that advice because that was always my weakness, so if you are better in 3D than me - just ignore me. Anyway - great to see you participating in these Challenges :).



Yes, you are right !

Time will be my ennemy.

For the 3d start, it’s an additionnal challenge (I like add 1 or 2 challenge to an existing one, just to learn as many technics as I can on 1 subject). Moreover, I it will be improve my skill in 3d.


I continue the modeling part. I don’t go as fast as I want (actually, I do some paint, but the wall of my daughter’s bedroom :slight_smile: )



Nice 3D work! I’ve never played Last of Us, but the imagery associated with this is beautiful, and to see it photo-realistic will be a treat. Can’t wait to see more!


Thanks Aaron,

If you never played to this game, my advice is : do it ! :slight_smile:

Gameplay, story, texture, cinematics are amazing. It is one of my favorite game (PS3), with the uncharted and heavy rain. This last one is my favorite one (I finished it something like 18 times to unlock all ends…)

For the painting below, I still continue modeling, but I have a serious doubt of my ability to finish it until the end of month. Anyway , I 'll finish all the same, even after the deadline :slight_smile:

I take some time, because I wish to make my render within UE4, and I have to manage with materials, lights, UVW unwrap, lightmaps… I need also add details in models…

So, it take time, unfortunatly



Here the progression for this work :



Great work being faithful to original material, looking awesome!


I like your progress. Even if you will not finish before August (regarding your post in master thread), I hope this experience will be helpful in the next Challenges :).




Even if I won’t finish it in time, I still continue to move forward Inside.


Hi all,

here my final entry for the july self challenge.

I hope you would like it !! :slight_smile:

Overview :

Final :


Beautiful final result, love it!