Join Zero Density for 'Real-Time November' Webinar Events


What does the future hold for your AR and broadcast graphics? How can the Reality ecosystem take your virtual studio to the next level? Get answers and expand your knowledge during November’s webinar events.

From automating virtual studios to implementing augmented reality, this year has seen broadcasters use real-time graphics more than ever before. At Zero Density, we realized that in the run-up to IBC, there aren’t many options for people who want to learn more about this huge shift in the industry. As trend-setters in this space, we wanted to provide a solution.

That’s why we are delighted to invite you to Real-Time November, our upcoming series of webinar events, where you’ll be able to explore the latest innovations pushing real-time graphics forward. In partnership with Riot Games, Dreamwall and others, each event will dive into first-hand stories of companies successfully implementing visuals on UEFA Euro 2020, the League of Legends Regional Finals and more.

Zero Density will also preview a major new product and deliver exclusive RealityHub demos throughout the month, directly from our very own virtual studio. Learn more about each webinar and book your place below!

Full Webinar Schedule:

Nov. 2, 1pm GMT | Studio to Stadium: Using Real-Time Graphics in Sports Broadcasts

From animated scoreboards to teleporting players, Dreamwall has done it all. Discover how the team used real-time graphics in their sports broadcasts from studio to stadium.

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Nov. 4, 4pm GMT | Live Reality Product Walkthrough

Join the Zero Density team as we demonstrate the Reality ecosystem,and answer all your questions about how it works.

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Nov. 9, 4pm GMT | Inside Riot Games: Using XR Production on Live Esports

Get an inside look at how Riot Games used XR and AR production in the Valorant and League of Legends Latin America Finals broadcasts.

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Nov. 10, 8am & 4pm GMT | Template Design and Playout Operation

Learn how RealityHub’s template design and playout operation tools can help you deliver graphics on a faster turnaround in this bitesize tutorial.

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Nov. 11, 1pm GMT | End to end Broadcast Graphics Workflow with RealityHub

From visual scripting to integrating newsroom automations, learn how to create photoreal live productions with our sophisticated node-based compositing system.

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Nov. 16, 1pm GMT | Why and How Businesses are Embracing Virtual Studios

In this session, KST Moschkau will speak to the spike in large companies embracing virtual studios, and their role in making that happen.

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Nov. 17, 8am & 4pm GMT | Non-programmer’s Guide to Real-time JSON Data Integration

Learn how to integrate real-time graphics into RealityHub without writing a single line of code in this short tutorial.

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Nov. 18, 1pm GMT | New Product Launch

Unlock a new level of freedom in the virtual space. Join the Zero Density team as we showcase a brand new product for the first time in this exclusive session.

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Nov. 23, 1pm GMT | New Release Features: RealityHub 1.2

Join the Zero Density team as we announce the latest features in the new release of our Epic Games MegaGrant-winning software, RealityHub.

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Nov. 24, 8am & 4pm GMT | RealityHub Tips and Tricks

Join the Zero Density team as we bring you our top tips and tricks to using RealityHub for photoreal broadcast graphics.

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