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Hello everyone!

It’s almost summer and everybody is in the backyard cleaning the BBQ, patching the grass and planting the gardens so it obviously bring the annual slowdown in forum activity

The development team at EIAS3D is also prepping for summer but there is no slowdown here
! We are readying the new Web site, flogging the Igors, sucking all the energy from Tomas, Ian, Dave, Luis and many others so we can bring the fun back into the EIAS community.

Get ready, start by joining the EIAS3D Forum so you don’t miss the latest news and development!

See you around!



I tried to join again, but it told me my username was already being used… :stuck_out_tongue:



Ha Ha! you funny guy… And thanks for your implication Ross! :thumbsup:


Hey Rick,

I see the infamous “work in progress” sign at the splash page.
and I’m slowly getting curious what’s cooking under the hood …

Or to speak with the words of Margaret Rutherford performing Miss Marple in the 60’s :
" Would you call me a grumpy old busybody" ?

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


You know how it is Bert, nice things are cooking but we need more Chefs and more Chefs means more money… In the mean time, besides flogging each others so we don’t fall asleep, we are all doing our best under the tight conditions. You could not believe how hard the guys work right now. The EIAS3D Web site should be up during summer. Right now, only the Forum is online. Any recent work you care to share in the EIAS Artwork thread so we can bash it and destroy your confidence…?! :smiley:

By the way, Margaret Rutherford was the best!


No doubt you guys are working your asses off ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing the new eias3d marvel end of this summer.
Regarding gallery stuff I am currently working on poster work for a dance festival.
Still deciding which part goes in maya and what in eias.
Promiss will keep you posted soon.

BTW in Toronto, I saw there was some kind of Poutine eating contest this week.
[little bit off topic - sorry guys]
Some guy called Bertoletti from Chicago ate 6 kg in approx. 10 minutes.
What exactly is this poutine food ?


The origin of “La poutine” was lost in the well known Great Canadian East Coast Fire that burned all our archives in 1166
However, the recipe survived under the protection of a secret Guild and is passed today among Chefs under very strict conditions. Now, for the first time in ages, I give the World the main ingredients of this renowned dish: French fries covered with BBQ sauce topped with cheese curd… The best of the worst!



You’re starting to make me a little nervous. You’ve mentioned flogging twice in this thread. What gives? Maybe you’re a fan of “Starship Troopers” (The book, NOT the movie. The movie was as big a disappointment as the movie version of “Battlefield Earth”). Corporal punishment was one of the themes in that book.

I think it might be hard to concentrate on your progamming while you’re screaming in pain…

As for the off-topic portion, I’m from Utah, so I have a predisposition for fry sauce on my “Freedom fries” (still can’t believe they called them that). It’s equal parts catsup and mayo (though some people mix in a little sweet relish, too. Yuck!). Cheese fries and chile cheese fries are great as well.



In Holland they call it : “French Fries WW2”
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


The BOOK?! God you’re a nerd!!


YES, I’m a NERD, and proud of it. You do remember books, don’t you? They’re those rectangular shaped things with words inside, and with better graphics than anything out of ILM. At least if it is written well…

I’m a computer geek (first computer I ever used was a PET 2001) that married a country girl, so I spend more time feeding the horses, goats, sheep, llama, goose, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, tortoise, and anything else on four legs that happens to wander by (though I will shoot any raccoon that wanders by. I even had to shoot a mink a couple of weeks ago.) than I spend computing these days. but I still find time for EIAS whenever I can.



Yes, the book, rectangular thing with words inside, isn’t this called a Kindle nowadays…?
Seriously, this was a good story. In the (deceptive) movie they incredibly forgot the Powered Armor, a piece of equipment we saw in GI Joe last year…

Let us all remember the topic of this thread…
If you did not already do so, join the EIAS3D Forum so you don’t miss the latest news and development!



There’s one big difference between a book and a Kindle (or IPad). When you open up a book, you get a story. When you open up your Kindle, you void your warranty and probably “let the smoke out.”

And to everyone out there who hasn’t yet, go sign up on the new forum. It’s great!

(There, I stayed on topic, however briefly)

The director of Starship troopers stated he wanted to do WWII in space. He totally ruined a great story. I wanted to see a powered armor drop from space, and all I got was a bunch of flying boxes. The Roger Young was pretty cool, though.



They simply had not enough money for both Power Armors and everything else.


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