Joel Hageman - #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom


#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom

Looked after just about everything else.

Finally learning the leg muscles.


#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom


This ones are hard to make!


Indeed. I’m taking them on because I’ve studied just about all the other surface muscles and put off studying legs. I want to know, so I can draw legs. They keep turning out like woodshop projects. I think.
Learning them.


#DrawCember #MadeWithWacomMade with ArtRage 5.0 and Wacom Bamboo tablet.



I finally got some computer glasses.

Now I can do some detail work.


You are making great progress :slight_smile:


#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom

Yesterday’s drawings.


Valentina -

You think so?

I’ve been keeping my head down.

Should be finished with these studies soon.

Migraine, crude life.

Perfectionism - me too. Something they suggest in NaNoWriMo is - if it’s something you want to do - blow through them. Do the next. It’s all practice.

However, like I’m doing now with my anatomy sketches, I’m finding out that focused direction, attention to a subject in more detail, seems like a good way to direct the effort, rather than just skimming each time. Developmental effort. Without getting hung up on abilities, I suppose.

That’s me.

To the unknown.


Nice anatomy studies! I never managed to memorize all the names.


Very nice drawing!


Hi, Michael.

I’m writing them down just to know what I’m looking at.

I do want to know what’s there. That’s for sure. I’ve investigated most everything for arms - a lot for head and torso.

Very little for legs.

Of course, it might as well be an ongoing and progressive practice. Then I’d learn where everything is and know the names as well.

Time, man. Time. You don’t get it back. It’s why people like it when you show up in person.

Now. If I could just learn that, too.


Hey, Beatrix.

Thanks -


No, that’s great you think so.

I AM working on dialing in my images and art in general.

Sketching is fine, but I have to say the compositions are a bit rambling. Point to point. Not really comprehensive processing.

So. Working more.


At that.

My opinion, your pics are ready to show up on shelves. I’m just hearing about the topic of marketing, so I don’t know where they’d show.

But I guess you have a story going. As I said, sounds fun.


Thanks for the thoughts.


Hi, Hugo.

Yes. Resourceful me. Drawing on leaves.


Hey Joel, nice anatomy drawings! Never got to do these myself, maybe I’m too lazy :slight_smile:
What are your sources of anatomy drawing practice?
Mine were books by Gotfried Bammes, George Bridgeman and Burne Hogarth. Two first are focused on simplifying anatomy to understandable primitives, wich is extremely helpful for basic figure construction.


The man with the had, is it Stan Lee?


Hey, Hugo.

That is from a scene with Max von Sydow in film 3 Days of the Condor.

I just couldn’t seem to draw enough of Max’s features.

You’d think he would come through right away.

The film was good. I always wondered at Robert Redford’s reputation as a bad actor. I always thought he did fine. This, however, showed some evidence. I think he was just preoccupied with living life at the time.


#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom

I should be through the list soon.


#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom
I’m not squared away with thigh and calf, but the list is almost complete, so I’ll bust through the rest and move on.


#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom


We’re down to the letter ‘S’.

The list of leg muscles ends at ‘V’.