Jiggled Barbed Wire (Baking deformed spline)


I have a (hopefully) very problem that I can’t wrap by head around… i want to create a barbed-wire ring that deforms fluidly from a jiggle.

I’m attaching a file of my work. The wire is made by a circle spline and Reeper 2.0 plugin. The barbs are spline sweeps with Align To Spline tag. When the deformer is applied, the barbs remain pinned to the original circle spline.

The jiggle needs to by baked to the spline? Or the splines needs PLA? I’ve been messing around w some tips from forums/youtube, but remain flummoxed :confused:

Please check out the attached file or fire over some helpful tips! Thanks a ton for your help :slight_smile:

1 objekt
barbed wire help.c4d
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Instead of using Align to Spline, try using the Spline Constraint.

  1. Delete your Align to Spline tags.

  2. Click on one of you sweeps, the control-select the jiggly spline.

  3. Apply Spline Constraint.

  4. Click on constraint tag, select Clamp tab, then click Lock Position.

  5. You might set the distance to 0.

  6. Repeat as necessary.