Jezhawk #Drawcember thread


Great challenge, and I’m excited to participate. For this I’m working on a new digital piece, and perhaps another since I think I can get two done in the time period. Not using the prompts - hope that’s ok!


Working on the details today. Almost done!


Great use of color.


Seems like we might have to use the promts, but this looks great!
(If we do, you could maybe say this is “lights”, seeing as there is a lot of amazing light play going on ;))


Thanks hon - yeah just read the post about the prompts. Not sure if I’ll carry on to be honest. To be able to participate whilst also completing work that I need to complete was ideal but creating other random art I might not have time for. sigh Seems like the contest is a little unorganised.


Wait… we have to use the prompts now? This all really seems like things that should have been cleared up before the contest starts, not halfway through.