Final submission:
My project envisions a future highway system predicated on naturally occurring wind and air powered propulsion. In this scenario, vehicles derive energy from the road infrastructure, which in turn draws energy from the environment. There are two parts to my design: the Jet Stream Super-Highway, and the Hyper Wing Sail Vehicle.

The Jet Stream concept is based on an open-return wind tunnel design, which produces a continuous stream of air flow from the environment. The roadway is shaped like a half-pipe in cross section, and has a series of turbines and fans suspended above to push air into the road pathway, as well as intake vents on the flanks to continuously draw air through at a controlled rate; essentially, providing a push/pull system of air management. Sensors communicate with vehicles on the road for necessary fine tuned wind adjustments. All turbines, fans, and lights are powered by solar panels which line the upper surfaces of the road, making the Jet Stream a 100% clean energy design.

The Hyper Wing is a first generation wind powered transport vehicle designed specifically to traverse the Jet Stream system. Its salient design feature is a vertical wing sail with dual air foils for added efficiency and control, capable of 5x amplification of wind speeds. The Hyper Wing’s body is designed to manage laminar air flow, and the outrigger wings with rear wheels extend out to provide stability during operation. Braking is achieved with a combination of air brakes and wheel brakes. When the Hyper Wing goes off the highway, it transforms into compact mode, as the vertical wing sail and the outrigger wheels fold in; the Hyper Wing is then powered by a compact onboard battery and has independently motorized wheels.

I was greatly inspired by many aspects of Syd Mead’s work, from his strong conceptual designs that relate form and function to his epic depictions of future cities. Above all, I drew influence from his practice of integrating a vehicle’s design with its surrounding environment. In my project, I attempted to envision a holistic picture of a possible future transport scenario, a co-evolution of road and vehicle based on green energy.


I like it. Strong and unic concept and nicely done. Good luck.


I didn’t realize there was a forum for this competition… Bamu, thanks for your comment, and to eddkeefe and sublimachina as well for leaving a note on my earlier version. It sounds like judging is wrapping up any day now, good luck everyone!


like i commented on your other thread, lovely colors and atmosphere… great lighting and excellent spacing as the piece has a lot of room to breath, great perspective!



As I said, one of my favourites, congrats for being in the top row!




Nice feel… strong background!
Super machine… describes it all
Nice stuff bro!


Hi there!

In my humble opinion, this is generally one of the best concepts ever to have been posted anywhere. Beautifully made and such grand idea thats really rare anywhere in the designworld. Its my personal favourite from the competition. Especially since it really takes the point of “necessity” at a high priority. And further, even people outside the realm of design and illustration will immediately be able to to relate to the content, even though its highly futuristic. Well, I am not the judge :slight_smile: But I was completely stunned by this one!!! (^u^)/


…look, there´s even a lane for the vehicles to coast and reduce speed before entering the city in the background!!! You´ve thought of everything! whew


Thanks everyone for your comments! I’m excited to have been given an honorable mention among so many fantastic entries. Congrats to the winners too!

koansah, curaremac, sam4graphix, thanks for visiting my post again. Curaremac, I’m disappointed your entry was not chosen, as I had mentioned before, I thought it was a very unique design for a helicopter vehicle, with an excellent scenographic design and composition as well.

Ron, thank you for your very generous words and enthusiastic response to my project… reading your post was right up there with getting honorable mention! I decided at the start to approach this project as an ideas competition, transportation being an area of design so fraught with challenges yet ripe with possibilities of innovation in a context such as this. If nothing else, I wanted to produce a provocation that could get people thinking about energy and infrastructure in transportation. I’m happy that someone took note of the project for its concept and even took the time to examine the details… thanks for viewing!


Well, just as you drew inspiration from the work of Syd Mead, i might draw inspiration from your work:)

I find it incredible how you can piece something together, truly think of everything and also give it a background, a story…

congratulations for the honorable mentions and keep up the good work, and keep those incredible ideas rolling:)

Good luck in your next competition, hopefully by then i will manage to post something on the forum as well:)


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