Jet or jetpack exhaust for Maya 2017



I am curious what the latest and best methods to achieve something like this might be for Maya 2017?

I’m not sure at this point (after searching forum) which is the best method to achieve this now, fluids or nParticles?

If anyone knows of a good tutorial that might help with this, it would be much appreciated. Maybe I’m using the wrong keywords on Google or Youtube, but I haven’t seen anything like this yet. Also checked the visor for fluid examples, and I don’t see anything that is close to this.

Thank you!


I’ve done this kind of jet engine for RAC commercials approximately 10 years ago.
It was made with particles.


Thanks, I found a tutorial talking about candle flames that gave me some ideas I think in the right direction.
I think adding a layer of particles for heat distortion would be a nice addition as well.