Jennifer, Rami Shtainer (3D)


Title: Jennifer
Name: Rami Shtainer
Country: Israel
Software: Maya, mental ray

This is my latest work.
The purpose was to learn mental ray, and particularly miss_fast_skin.

Thanks to Max Kor for the support :slight_smile:

c&c are welcome.


Wow, this is terrific, one of the best cg faces I’ve seen. It looks just like her.


This is awesome!! It looks exactly like her. nice work!!!


she looks very nice…she looks alot like her…amazing job:thumbsup:


OMG, Absolutely Amazing, Beautiful Work, Beautiful Render :love: :buttrock:


WOW fantastic job!

did you use Maya Hair?? It looks great, you even knocked down the style as well.


This is just perfectly natural. Very, very nice!


yeah amazing! I think the skin gets a little plastic-like. Maybe its the lack of shine? Great job!


Great model! Awesome job.


front page stuff.
absolutely stunning work.
5 stars.


very beautiful~

the skin and hair looks so good


WOW that looks awsome! great render!:thumbsup:


damn, that’s awesome. Instantly recognizable.


Wow you have nearly nailed the likeness perfectly.Fantastic 5 stars


exactly what everyone else has said - its close to perfection.


Really nice. Just a couple of comments. I think if you fix these, you won’t be able to tell that it is a render at all.

The ears are a bit too red. It looks like she had a gallon of blood rushing to her head, but her head doesn’t get affected. Only her ears.

Her hairline on top of her head needs some accentuation. Maybe move it forward from her head a little so you get a soft shadow that defines the hairline on her forehead.

Her top is supposed to be turtle neck am I right? Remove the shinniness. That material is not supposed to be so uniformly shiny. The fabric does lend itself to specular highlights, but break it up into hairline sort of effect.


Great Great stuff!!! :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: congratulation! the top half of the image is nothing to say.below of the mouth is a little strange.


good work, i just think that the ear and cheek area seems quite weird. makes her look a bit strange.


Very good work. She looks like alive :slight_smile: Only one thing. In the contour of the ear (in the zone of light) I seems to see a facetade zone. Like if this zone has low poly. Congratulations