Jeff Hansen Sketchbook


I am starting a sketchbook here because, well it was about time, and I am ready to do a ton of work here as I heard some guy somewhere mention you apparently get a lot better with a high volume of work.
I wanna take a stab at finnishing up 2 characters I have in the works, while working on refining general character art skills, like proportion, heads, anatomy etc.

Lately I have started to try and get faster at heads and understand them better. and will probably do a bunch of those, feel free to let me know if you see something I am missing.

The character I am currently working on, concept by marc scott.
Next up I am gonna do another pass on the head, as I seem to have some proportion issues, and I want to get the ears and eyes to a better place aswell.

Glad to be here, looking forward to seeing everyones work and hearing from all of you guys.


Hey guys, little update here, Still a bit way to go in terms of detailing etc. but getting somewhere slowly.
All the props need a pass more here.
Also still working on quicksculpt heads!


Hey Jeff! Looking cool!


Continueing the work on this one, adding some more details and testing out some lowpoly bakes on the pants.


Keepin an eye on this one


Update jeff update keeepin am eye on you, no slackin aloud


hey Jeff ! great job ! love seeing how youre improving. Love how you did the shoes


Great work man, very nice concept … I’m a huge fan of those gunslingers/old west/steampunk designs :slight_smile:

keep it up, looking forward to see the final result!


Alright, I have left this place untouched for too long, summer is over(was the hottest in a century though, so I’ll admit, staying inside was damn near impossible) and I am out of excuses. it is time to get back to the real work here. :)!
@Travis Sorry my man, I am gonna be better :bowing_man:
@HannahKang Thanks a lot Hannah, I am looking forward to getting back to this character again.
@michaelrobson Hey thanks a ton man, I hope you will enjoy the process onwards from here then :)!

Alright, so I haven’t been entirely sitting on my hands, I recognized that I had a huge weak point when it came to game hair. So I decided to spend some time to get a good workflow for it, and I joined Johan Lithvall’s class on CGMA Hair Creation for Games (
Great course, learned a ton and a much much better workflow.
I like how my final asset for it turned out, though I see a lot of problems now that I am on the other side of the class, but starting over on it seems like a waste, so I would rather call it done and move on with my work here, and then look forward to doing more hair for the coming characters.

well, I think that was all for today, glad to be posting in here again!


Just a little quick sculpt in between bigger projects, I have some loose ends I wanna get done, but I also really wanna join the Artstation challenge. But today I just wanted to make a short one I can move on from quickly. Also shoutout to Konstantin Maystrenko who made the original concept that I modelled it from. you can see his artstation here


How’s it Jeff! That’s a pretty cool character sculpt update based on Konstantin’s work. I love how stylized the forms are and how you handled the subtleties of the legs. Keep up the cool work Jeff. :slight_smile:


@michaelcabuco Hey thanks a lot mate! yeah konstantin do some cool work man, I just felt a little gist of inspiration ;)!


getting some Retopology in here continueing on this girl


Hey Everyone!

I have come quite far with this particular project.
Actually, I finished it, and I have uploaded it here where you can check it out.
Here is a sneak peak

I plan on finishing a male character I have been working on earlier next, I will post more about that soon enough :)!


Having just finished up the female adventurer, I am looking toward the next project to finish up, but also try and improve some techniques.
there were quite a few things that I felt I could improve on my last project that I want to have a look at in this one, the face being one, though it is just a basic head in t his post here.

First let’s have a look at it, some of you may remember it, as it is a project I started earlier but I would like to finish.
here is the concept I am working from

I haven’t been able to identify the artist of this, if anyone knows, by all means tell me so I can give credit.
I started with a quick material breakdown.

And here is why I am at the moment

The head is a placeholder just for testing out the posing, the last project was made in an A-pose, where I will be making this one in pose, Not sure of that is the best decision, but time will tell I guess.
There is still some of his gear missing as you can tell, and some things are still quite rough, especially the scabbard.
There are big problems with the lower legs and feet at the moment which is high on the list of things to fix.
I think I will redo the boots, they feel quite far from what I want to hit, they seem thin and fragile, I want it to resemble a more heavy army boot, but in a slightly lighter and nimbler version.

I also have the beginnings of a face, at the moment it is very generic and lack character. but most of the base feel ok at the moment, I will have to dive deeper into some reference at this point get more of a person into it.

But yeah, this is the state of this one at the moment, I am looking forward to doing some more work on it!


I made a quick speedsculpt yesterday, I do like to some small stuff here and there, especially right between two longer term projects.
Here it is, it is made from a concept.


I did a may the 4th stream where I sculpted this silooth from the star wars universe.
It isn’t quite done yet, so I plan to just do a little bit of polishing one of the next days.
I don’t plan on taking it to a completely polished piece though, it was mostly for the fun of it


Setting up textures and shaders for this guy inside of unreal.

Bit uncanny without eyes, but that shouldn’t be too far off :sweat_smile: