James O'Shea - 2D/3D Sketchbook WIPs


Hey ya’ll, my name is James O’Shea and this is a start to share more of my work that hasn’t been seen before(except for instagram which I share some artwork…) and express different sides of my artistic views and tastes. I like to work in a variety of styles between traditional sculpture, digital sculpture, digital painting & pencil/pen sketches.
Feel free to comment/critique constructively so I can improve. Hopefully I can share as much as I can and help others in the process as well. Some of the work below is from various 2D + 3D sketches.




Last month I was assigned an “artificial intelligence” assignment by the Aaron Sims Master Class ‘Sketch-2-Screen’ (I was in the same workshop as @HereticTemplar) and so I chose a combination of things but mostly in context of the story of ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ where one of the doctors experiments leads to developing artificial intelligence with animal + human hybrids. From there, you can jump off all kinds of different directions for the story to go. Since having one night to come up with the initial concept, I used a digital sculpt I did (*above )including some tech elements, while incorporating it into an existing ‘tv show photo plate’ from the Beauty and the Beast tv show from the 1980/1990s.


Here’s my entry for the RAMPAGE creature redesign for the ASC fan art contest (a slightly cleaned-up version compared to what I posted on Instagram). I chose to redesign ‘RALPH’.

Any C+C welcome to improve or push the design before I bring it into 3D.


Neat stuff man… you guys who went to ASC are so lucky!


Woah excellent work, James! I love creature design like this. I see you also doing both 3d models of it that awesome dude. Keep posting, im intrigued seeing how you progress.


Thanks BruceStroia! Yea it was a great experience going to ASC, I think the next workshop is in October. You can keep updated about their workshop if you sign up on https://www.ascmasterclass.com/ or follow their Instagram and/or Facebook!

Thanks so much Whymrwho! I really appreciate that. I didn’t think anyone was looking at this thread.


I’m loving the dudes in your first post, especially the one with the giant pearl where his brain should be. Very inspiring stuff man!


Thanks so much Solmeyer, really appreciate that. I’m designing his body currently which is a lot of fun to do.