Isis Sousa - Painter/Illustrator - Intro


Hello guys & girls! I have been on CGS since I just started in digital painting - perhaps, around 2010? Anyway, I have 17 years of industry experience: 10 as graphic designer/illustrator the for music industry, and the past years I switched to digital painting and been doing book covers, mainly.

Due to life, I had a great setback for the past 5 years, where I almost lost my ability to produce art, but thanks to persistence and recovery, I am doing a come back to the scene.

Right now I am working on a new portfolio and hope to jump into the films industry in the near future and explore other possibilities as well.

I am glad to see this website restored and the community getting back together. I look forward to networking, growing friendships and learning with you all :slight_smile:

Here is my website:
Here is my CGS portfolio:

And my latest work:

Thank you for checking! :smiley:


Glad you managed to recover from your setbacks, and kept your art ball rolling. Whatever struggle you may have gone through, fighting it for 5 years must’ve taken a lot of serious effort. Happy to see you returning to the forums!


Hi Solmeyer! Thank you for your support and kind words :slight_smile:
Yes, during that period I had some serious health issues, among other very difficult things. Coming back to art, seeing beautiful artworks and talking to other artists such as yourself have helped tremendously! :slight_smile:


Hey hey Isis. : )


Hey Isis!


Hi @Alpyro and @Travis :slight_smile: Thanks for stopping by! :smiley:


Hi Isis,
welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Hi João! Yeah, nice to see your work here too :slight_smile: Cheers!