Is there any node inside of Octane to convert transparency image to black and white shader?


Hello, i need to easilly convert transparency image to just non transparency black and white shader inside of node editor of Octane? I just do not think that you have to do it manually in Photoshop to convert this eassy task. Please help me out! Thanx!


Are you looking to use the transparency information in the opacity channel in Octane ?
If so, you don’t need to convert to black & white, you just need to go to the image texture ‘shader’ tab & change the ‘type’ from ‘normal’ to ‘alpha’ (I think it is) in order to extract the opacity information directly.


Thank you for your reply, my problem was that i used image texture with transparency (png) into diffuse chanel of material node slot. But there is problem when i want to use the same image texture node to the transparency node slot in the same material. It just does not process the image correctly even if i changed the type as you are saying…

So that is why i wanted to know if there is any node for convert the image transparency to the black and white image…


Forgive me if I misunderstand the problem - but in this case you have to use 2 image texture nodes, one set to normal & connected to the diffuse port & one set to alpha & connected to the opacity port. They can each contain the same png & it should work correctly


I think i get it, the problem last time was that i used the same image texture node for both chanels (diffuse and transparency) and of course it could not work it out right.

I do need use two image texture nodes instead as you wrote here. THX


No problem