Is there an unfold tool to unfold my already made UV's from maya?


Is there an unfold tool in zbrush that is like maya? I want to unfold my already made UV’s from maya?

Because this is my current workflow , not sure is it a extra step workflow or is there a better workflow

Lets say I need to model a table

  1. I modeled the base mesh in Maya
  2. open UV
  3. bring to zbrush to sculpt details (like uneven edges or cracks) with subdiv 6 and Smooth modifier
  4. exported the detailed lowpoly mesh ( subdiv 1) to Maya
  5. unfold/fix the UV that has been opened before
  6. export back the unfolded/fixed mesh to zbrush
  7. copy and paste the unfolded/fixed mesh’s UV to the highpoly (subdiv6)
  8. bake the displacement map or bring the lowpoly mesh (with fixed UV) to substance painter to do the texture.

The reason I went back into maya and unfold/fix the UV it is because , after I add subdiv6, smooth modified and sculpted the mesh in zbrush. My mesh shape is definitely changed but my UV is still remaining the same . So when ever i bring it into substance painter my texture is definitely distorted.

I hope there is a unfold tool in zbrush that is similar to Maya , so that I dont need to go back and forward to Maya then zbrush to fix the UVs