Is there an expression to remove double transform on any maya node?


hi cgers,
partly related to my previous post on an objects build history and mayas node editor.

this does not apply to animators and their hierarchys, i am not really an animator

more to modellers who wish to build and move complete systems with history without double transforms.

suggestions have been set input connections as local not world
this seems to work on simple hierarchys but add extra layers and put in groups
and good old double transform will always appear.

so my question is every node has an add attribute box at the bottom

can you add an expression to every node you use that removes the double transform
or could i plug such an expression into what connection in the node editor?

The aim being to remove double transform at the base level, so it cannot
have an effect on any node i use.

please see attached:

using local tansform instance works part very early history

but deeper layers of history nested groups, fails,
lets face it this a very simple setup and maya is struggling.

revolve surf poly edge to curve then extrude profile,
no way to keep all in one group for clean instance and uninstance with history.

older post same issue compare cinema4d user

this is an example of why best to do remove double transform from the ground up.

basically a script that says whatever move the 3d operator makes say +xyz, maya does 2+xyz
so we need a script -xyz after everymove. who the hell came up with that in the firstplace.

i put that as maya bugfix No.1 been there since version1.


trying to make
my issue with mayas double transform clearer,

here took a cube
extruded faces
selected edges
converted poly edges to curve 4 times
had a plane
used poly edge to curve as grossection
extruded surface using 4 curves

first error normals not constent on extruded surfaces bad for history

from here on history and instancing only works if you select and do not group the original box

groups that have box and curves even using local not world connection have double transform.

any instancing of the group only partially suceeds surf extrusions fail

so even tidying up the outliner is not possible because you cannot group.

grouping with history gives leaf transform errors if you have instances you
have to delete instances to un group.

3dsmax cinema4d houdini do not have this issue.

please seehttps
to me maya is a one shot poly modeller that hands over the issue to houdini to solve.

could it be solved by having the top of hierarchy group or locator somehow being
scripted or linked in the node editor, not sure how other 3d programs avoid it to a lesser extent
though groups dont seem to appear in the node editor linked to anything