Is there a way to paste animated masks onto new layer with different scale?


Hi people

I hope there is an easy fix I have overseen. This has been driving me mad for a few hours. I have an illustration (large .PSD import) with some nicely animated masks that I really do NOT want to redo. These masks are animated on a huge Photoshop layer that has been reduced to 37%.

Now, I want to copy these masks onto a layer (.TIFF) that is 100% (it will be a large project with many layers, and I do not want to reduce to 37% every time, so I started exporting my Photoshop layers to AE in reduced size so I can import layers and images at 100%). Naturally, the masks (made in 37%) will resize to 100% on the new layer, even though the graphics are the same size due to my Photoshop exports. So the masks are unusable since I cannot control scaling while keeping my keyframes.

I have tried to scale the masks on path level, but realized that I must do this on every keyframe and convert masks into shapes on every keyframe, etc. Tedious and way too time consuming. I hope I am missing something crucial. There aren’t many keyframes, but I boggles my mind that I cannot just copy the masks while freezing the scaling transforms somehow.

Thanks in advance!