Is there a way to assign more than one selection in Material Tag? something like "C1, R1"?


As the picture bellow shows, i would like to ad more than just one selection into material tag Selection, is there some way or it is limitation? i am working in C4D R21 though.


No. “Selection” is a string field so “C1, R1” could actually be a valid name of a selection, as C4D has very few (none?) restrictions on object/tag names. This string is not interpreted. If you want to assign the same material to several selections, you need to set up several material tags.


thank you for your explanation to my question, I think it would be nice to have this option as there are some situations where it would be nice to have this to go… :slight_smile:


You could use two material tags and connect their values through an XPresso that copies the content from the “lead” to the “dependent”. – It might not be the same though when you start stacking material tags on the same selection with “Add Material”.


I meant just to be able to share the projection setting in one material which has different selection to another material tag with another selection, but this is not big problem to just make adjustments in one material and copy paste it and edit just the selection…


Still sounds like a case for XPresso (if it’s worth the effort; if you only need it rarely, you may be better off doing it manually)


For anyone who has access to 25, you can use Capsules to do that. Search the Asset Browser for “Store Selection” and drag it to the Object Manager as a child of your object containing the selections. Select it and make sure the type is set to polygon (or whatever selection type you are working with), give it a name and type the following in the Selection String field:

"C1" OR "R1"

Now select you the material tag and type the name you’ve chosen in the Selection field.

With the same workflow you can do all kinds of stuff. Inverting the C1 selection for example would be:

All - "C1"

A list of all supported keyboards can be found in the documentation of the Store Selection node.