Is there a global Turn Lights Off?


I have too many light sources in my scene and interferes with my Vieport Shading when modelling. Is there a button to disable all lights and keep the default viewport light ?


I don’t think there’s a quick button to do that, but you could either add all Lights under a Null and toggle the Viewport visibility on/off easily or if you can’t/don’t want to group them all together, add all lights to a New Layer and then toggle the Lights using the Visibility (V) switch in the Layers Manager.


Have you tried Quick Shading?


lights in a layers is how i do it.

& for complete darkness you need to disable the “default light” in the options part of your scenes render settings…


@Cinemike You are right. I did try that but due to lagging on my heavy scene I thought it did not do the job and went on trying the rest of the list and other tools and options.


Another option is ‘Select’ menu -> ‘Selection Filter’ -> ‘Selector’ & just check the ‘lights’ box to select them all. You can even dock this window in your layout for quick selection of objects by type. I use it a lot for joints, nulls etc when rigging