Is that possible to add a button to the System.Windows.Forms.ListView with maxscript?


I created a dotnetcontrol listview in a rollout, and I want add some click event for each list cells. Like the event on pressed do for button, when press the button, executing some other functions. My listview:

dotNetControl  xx  "System.Windows.Forms.ListView" width:600 height:300

Is that possible to add a control button as the list content or How to add click event for each cell? If add button works it is preferred. Thanks in advance!


listview is a control for text , you can use DataGridView to add controls


hey, thanks for you reply, but what if I have both text and controls? Is that still works?


every column of DataGridView can be a type of control , if you want add anything in any cell , you need use panel to design your list