Is shape parameter control for birth group particles possible in any way


So I have a system where I would like to control the height and a multi-slice setup via a texture.

I was hoping to make the system possible to just plug in a new object and just read each element as each particle.
Is there any way that you can get the shape control to work with a birth group instead of having to select individual geometry for each shape control.

As there will be hundreds of slices in the base geometry, and it is the slice widths that I want to control via the texture, it would be ideal if I could just control that modifier with the texture.

Basically a parameter control for the existing particles in the system

The other way I thought of was to animate the object over say 30 frames and use a Birth Group to bring that in and control the animation time of each particle via the map, but Birth Group doesn’t support acquire animation for the particles.