Is Lightwave3d still being developed by Newtek?


I’m new to 3D, after I’ve seen enough movies, tv shows, I feel like I learn animation. After researching with the available options. I started using lessons from youtube about lightwave, I’m starting to get the hang of it. Recently I read some lightwave forums and I didn’t realize that lightwave is losing the market to the big leagues like Max and Maya. I don’t necessarily want to work at a special effects house. I’ll just make my own animation shorts at home. But I’m worried if Newtek decides to EOL lightwave. Does anyone know if lightwave will still be around in the next 5 years?


Hi pomeranian!
well, no idea whats in 5 years from now… if you have been on the forums, you will surely have been noticed that there is not too much information about the actual status of the current development of the new Lightwave… You will have to decide for yourself: if you like what LW is offering you: stick with it. The version you are using will be usable at least until an OS comes along that breaks it… There are still plenty of good folks over there on the newtek forums that can help you if you get stuck… Or else, if you feel uncertain: explore other options, if money plays a role: check out blender. Slightly different approach - especially interface wise - but feature rich and free… Most other “pro” apps are much much pricier than LW but they might have “apprentice” or learning version that might suit your needs…
In any case: LW is very usable right now (v 2015.x) I use it on a daily basis, it just works (for most situations pretty well…) …
Other than that I am looking forward to see what the next version will bring, some bits and pieces are floating around on the net, but I as most others have not really an idea when it will hit the streets…


Yes it is, and it is a GROUND Up re-write of the app.
More details will be coming.


LightWave is going through a HUGE part-rewrite, so things tend to take time.

Blender is better than LightWave in many areas these days, and people use it, rightfully so.

some tend to stick to LightWave because of workflow from what i can see.
if you know how to use it, it’s fast. Very fast. it gets things done.
there are also plugins that compensate.

once the Deep Rising FX plugin is launched, there won’t be much LightWave can’t do.
upgrades are cheap, $300, if you stay current.

LightWave is not for everyone, but give it a spin, see if you like it.
some LightWave renders >


I don’t think anyone has an answer on this they do develop a new version, wich shows signs of a major rewrite in layouts architecture. Wich is a good sign.
Of course you might also look at modo, but this depends on personal taste / what you try to do.

I might sound like a broken record, but here I did use a combination of Blender and Lightwave for a long time, wich provides me with a lot of the functionality missed in both programs (they complement each other quite well), if you throw in Houdini Indie for sim stuff / procedural stuff into the mix, you are practically feature complete, for a fraction of the cost of a commercial license from the others.
(On the expense that you have to build up a pipeline to integrate all three of them…lw isn’t that bad incooperating other tools into the “pipeline” (not perfect, but also not impossible) and the next version seems to allow to build on this and integrate volumetric data from houdini)

To predict the 3d software market 5 years ahead is pretty impossible

hope this helps


I used to use Lightwave in a professional capacity, but now I just use it with Blender for my own personal 3D musings. Compared to Maya, Max and Houdini, I always found as a lone artist, Lightwave to be very accessible. I think most Lightwave users would consider themselves a generalist rather than specializing in one particular discipline.

Newtek have posted updates on their blog of the upcoming version, so it’s definitely still being developed. I would say if you enjoy using it, then keep using it. There are some really talented Lightwave artists around who always astonish me with what they can achieve with it! :wink:


I use C4D and tried LW, I liked the modeling of it but the two different programs for modeling and rendering was odd.

as for if LW will be around in five years, who knows? C4D might not be around or Maya or Houdini; most likely they all will but one never knows. even “if” LW does fold, the software won’t stop working.


yep, NT is working on solutions regarding the M/L split.
LightWave is not the app to go for if doing Motion Graphics, but it’s great for Film/Archviz and NPR animations, and modeling in general.
(even though Modeler lacks a few features, it’s considered to be the fastest/one of the fastest modelers, depending)

the LightWave Part-ReWrite does take time, so a bit early to say where LW is heading at the moment.


i love the clean LW User Interface though, even if it can be improved here and there.

just me doodling >