Is it possible to program Vulkan in Javascript?


I’m completely new to the world of 3D card programming. I have some knowledge of Javascript. I’d like to know - is it possible to program Vulkan in JS? (Googling around, I find that someone has made a Vulkan API for NodeJS:

Is there any book for learning to code this, or are there any on the horizon that anyone knows of…? (note: In Javascript , not only Vulkan books themselves!!).



When you want that it runs in the browser directly with no server then no.

But there is webgl!
If you want to start get some knowlege with three.js make some stuff and then you should start with webgl if you want.
When you can do a setup in webgl like a game then you can invest some time (6 - 12 months) in c++ and start with vulkan.

I would say webgl is the simplest way to learn a low level gpu api and even this api is not simple!

Good luck…


I’ve read that Vulkan will, or at least might, REPLACE WebGL…???


If you want to learn modern GPU graphics programming, JS isn’t going to cut it and quite frankly, C++ is going to be the least of your problems.



THAT intimidating, huh? :slight_smile:
…but I WANT to make stuff that runs Inside-A-Browser - then, are you saying that the only route is C++ , and the use of WebAssembly with it? Like, WHY would I DO that, when JS is already there? (and is quite a cool language, IMHO!)


Also - how much Maths knowledge is needed before I embark upon this, um, voyage? Is high school level enough? Or is college level needed? Any good books you’d like to recommend?


Stuff that runs in a browser is highly overrated… :wink:

how much Maths knowledge is needed

It’s not a threshold : the more maths & physics you know, the more stuff you can do.