Is it possible to compile maxscript online?


There are lots of sites support compile languages online,like this site:
Is that possible to do this with maxscript?


can you compile it offline ?


Of course I can,I just wondering why there is no maxscript option…


because it is an interpreted language maybe?


Maxscript is a scripting language. You can’t compile it.


this is c#, not max script

never confuse scripting with “real” coding
you might upset c++ devs :slight_smile:

some think making web-pages is coding the internet
can you compile javascript ?


I see,thanks for explanation.


with c# and c++ etc the core runtime libraries required to execute the code are in the public domain along with the required compilers… not so with mxs you could create something that checks the syntax if you had some time to spare and the bent to do it.