Is it me...?


Not sure about safari, shrug emoji back :smiley:


Using Windows 10 here with just Microsoft Edge. No adblocker installed. Bizarre.


My wife is using Safari and she doesn’t see any either. Are you guys saying they are putting ads in your posts?.


Dear All, I’ve alerted the staff about the problems and they are working on fixing it.


the issues are being worked out. Advertise problem will be fixed


Attempted test post.


Looks fixed!


So it would seem. :thinking:


And stuff like this?


Schrödingers Login :wink:


Caused by a broken CAT 5e cable?


Caused by a broken CAT 5e cable?

Apple says … obviously caused by you not logging in properly. :slight_smile:


I’ve been getting a 500 Internal Service Error every time I try to access messages & notifications. It started immediately after the redesign, hasn’t stopped. Can’t check/respond to messages, can’t see notifications. If I click the “contact” button at the very bottom I get the same thing. Can’t even report it. Annoys the daylights out of me.


Hi @LukeLetellier ! Thanks for mentioning this. I’m sorry to hear it was giving you so much trouble and that you weren’t able to report it. We made an adjustment on the back end to try to fix it. Would you please confirm if you’re still having issues? Thanks!!


I have definitely noticed an improvement in the site this week; no more error 404 pages when posting replies etc. and have suddenly got notifications back after they disappeared as well.


I do really recommended to using the Ad Block, makes a life much easier


i sent them an email last month, they did get straight back to me, seemed to be working on the problems too


I’m no longer getting any errors when I access my messages, but it still isn’t working properly - I can see that you sent me a PM, but there doesn’t appear to be any messages.


The red “new message” badge at the top isn’t disappearing at all either.



Is it just me or anyone else who is facing to the same problem with no notification appearing at the top when someone answers me in the post? Even if i have had those settings setup?


I am starting to get 403 errors posting replies again! Frustrating.