Is it me...?


Or is this forum now horrible to read with ads popping up and forcing the text blocks to jiggle up and down the page all the time? Only noticed it in the last day or so.


I have always AdblockPlus and Adblock enabled and never knew this forum had ads


ugh. its not you.

they have adds within the posts body now, not just the banner adds. massively annoying since, as you say, the page text re-adjusts when new adds load.

makes longer threads mostly unreadable. really really sucks.

plus all the 403 errors…


NoScript, and just allow the absolutely necessary scripts.
I suppose the ad delivery is through “”, if you wanna block it explicitly.


Dont have any ads. (Probably my settings).

But I can only seem to -post 1 out of 5 times. I get the 403 errors as Travis mentions.

The old forum may not have been pretty, but it worked.


i don’t know what changed but, yes this looks pretty broken…


Or use Brave.


You’re right… this is becoming unreadable. The Ads by themselves are pretty bad already, but the fact that they’re constantly changing and reshuffling the text makes it jump up and down. It’s terrible.

Oh… and 403 error all the time now, too…


Same as Joel. No ads and 403 errors aplenty. Not sure what my settings are, honestly.


This forum is becoming almost unusable for me. Ads causing text jumping around, 403 errors…
(Ironically I’ve had 403 errors trying to post this…)


Interesting. 0 ads for me. Maybe its a mac/safari vs windows/chrome thing?

The only time I ever see ads is if Im not logged in.


Yeah this is very annoying. Maybe time to leave my old alma mater here. What other C4D hangouts are out there?



Its pretty insufferable without an add-blocker. I don’t honestly mind them paying the bills with adds, and i tend to whitelist most sites, i go to often. But there is point where when the adds are in the way of things, and too “in your face”, I don’t want to consume this content without an ad-blocker. its a difficult balance to master, for the hosts. But there need to be less adds, not more.


The entire site has gone to crap tbh. My 20+ year old imashination account is in some limbo where I can login but every time I go to post it tells me I need to login.
Support requests go unanswered
The mods have all fled
There’s obnoxious adverts every 4 replies
Half the time you post or login there’s a server error
User profiles no longer show forum posts


Very curious to find out why you guys are seeing ads and some of us arent seeing them at all. There must be a way to turn them off if this is the case.




In my case I dont have any ad blockers enabled. Shrug emoji?


Some browsers do this by default, firefox, brave do this. Which browser you using?