Is it alembic export broken in R21?


I’m exporting an alembic sequence. The scene has a volume builder+mesher to mesh some xpTrails.
When I tried exporting the first 100 frames it worked. When I exported the whole sequence (480 frames) the ABC file was only 16kb. It’s driving me nuts, there’s no reason why it should work randomly with the same exact settings.

I feel R21 is not ready. The display tag thing I posted in the other thread is another sign of how things changed but feel kinda uncomplete.
A simple weight paint doesn’t work either. They might have changed something in the workflow but it is not clear what. Am I the only one with this confusion about R21?


are you using the right click “bake as alembic” command or the export? some volume builder & mesher setups gave me trouble when trying to bake via right click command, but worked fine via export menue. but i had the same issues with r20 when i opened the files there and tried to bake to alembic. have you tried exporting your setup in r20? i’d be interested if that works.

weight painting works just the same as it did before, what issues are you having exactly?


Thank you, @everfresh

I’m exporting via File/Export. I’m trying to finish something real quick so I’ll do more test once this job is done.
I didn’t reinstall R20 on my box as I did a clean install a few days ago.

As for the weight painting stupid me. Since I’m rushing on the current job I went automatically to the Character menu and picked the wrong weight tool instead of using the weight paint tool which they now moved under the Tools menu. I feel stupid twice as switching to a new release while under production is never a good idea. That said, they really moved stuff around though.


yeah a lot was moved around, but in a good way i think, some stuff just didn’t make sense before.

question about your volume setup: did you put your stuff that make up the volume under the builder or did you just reference it? referencing can sometimes lead to different results or prevents it from baking correctly, i think that’s some sort of priority issue.