Is CGSociety using Discourse now?


This looks a whole lot like Discourse but seems to be missing on some features like advanced search, detailed profile info, badges, discobot and others.

When did this change happen and why not include these features? (especially the advanced search)


Early September, I think did this forum migrate to its new current form.

They are working on advanced search. Probably on some of the other items you mentioned too. The old board had become over the years a hacked together beast spread over 2 databases and hung together with lots of spit & duct tape, afaik. They couldn’t set up a test forum to try things out so they had to migrate the entire site life as it was.

With only a small team working behind this board mechanics, some things just take time to implement.


No prob’.
I’m glad that they went for Discourse. It’s the best forum software ever.