Is a degree really needed??


Do what you love,don’t let money be the reason you got into a profession cause it can lead to a terrible road of living a mundane life behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Remember that digital art is really scultping clay and drawing in a 3d canvas,you can get a regular job and take figure drawing/sculpting classes with live clay and build a structural foundation to adapt into 3d very easily.


All of my friends that are in the industry do not have a degree, this is also reinforced by game artists’ blogs that I’ve read lately.

Pretty much if your artwork is good you will get hired.

Not a single client asked if I even passed high school and only a few asked for my work history, just keep practicing and you will be up there with the pros! :smiley:

But with that being said, I am still getting my Associates of arts degree so I can be employed in a different job field if times get tough.

Good luck!


The topic is a bit outdated, but I still want to express my opinion, because I also had a similar choice many years ago. I want to say that I would choose computer science, because it provides more diverse opportunities than digital art. In general, the main thing is practical experience and a good portfolio.


I support your opinion! There are more practical courses in computer science that will help you gain experience. The main thing is at the same time to develop a portfolio. I study economics, but we consider the impact of computer science and technology on economic development. This topic is difficult for me and in addition we were given a written assignment on it. I didn’t have time to figure it out on my own, so I used this link to write a good paper. As a result, I received a good grade and later reread the prepared work. Thanks to this resource, I understood the topic at a decent level.