Is A Degree Or Diploma Required to Work in the CG Industry?


Hey guys,

I know this question has been asked time and time again but just for the record I wanted to ask the veterans here that Is a degree or diploma required to work in any CG related Industry? The state of Indian Animation Institutes and colleges is that they are just money grabbing machines and its even worst now in 2021, so if a student decides to drop out, can he still find work in the industry if he has a passion for it? I know if someone has a passion for a certain thing he eventually finds his calling but are there specific norms or policies in the Studios that require you to have a diploma, degree or certificate?


No. It is all about your skills, which is best demonstrated by your portfolio.


Maybe all about your skills


I agree with the above however take into consideration those who want to move to another country to work in a studio may require a degree as this can give you an opportunity to land a visa. Food for thought.


But If someone has exceptional skills in a particular field and a foreign studio needs to hire him can’t something be done if the person has no degree or diploma?