IP Incubator! - SCHIRKOA


Congratulations on your long journey Red!
It is both impressive and inspiring in equal measure :]


Thank you so much for stopping by :).
I am trying to expand on this the world now. It’s getting little tiring, but one step at a time.


Can’t wait to see your progress Ishan… and of course, the full version of Schirkoa.
By the way, what does Schirkoa mean?


Oh it’s simply a fictitious name for this dystopian city of bagheads. I usually coin my own names for places and characters :wink:


That works… it’s a cool name.
Thanks for taking the time!

…and thanks for sharing your journey, it’s very generous of you.



After being India’s entry to the Oscars, 80 film festival screenings, 25 awards and still counting, Schirkoa will be coming to Vimeo and Amazon on demand in October. Stay tuned!
It would be great if more and more people rent and watch it . All the funds will go into the making of my next film which is already in pre-production.


That’s very cool!
Have you considered crowdfunding for your next project? Kickstarter? Or Patreon? I for one would definitely back your next flick.
By the by, what is your next piece?


I am still in early stages, so I will try to crowdfund when I have some stuff to put in the pitch. It’s definitely one of the options in my mind to raise funds. As for the story, it’s an expansion of the same universe and characters in Schirkoa.





This so heartwarming mate! Such little gestures push a lonely guy (working in his dark room 24/7 with no life) to keep going on and on! So cool! Thank you :).
This is going to be my wallpaper now.


…in that case Ishan, here’s a better aspect ratio:

And be sure to check your PM for a more “encouraging” version :smiley:


Haha! Oh man! Thank you! :smiley:

The ‘encouraging’ version in the PM takes the cake for wallpaper.


You are welcome Ishan! :smiley:


It’s been a long time here. I have been steadily keeping up with the festival run of my film and the talks on the process. It’s been to 96 film festivals so far and still running well. The short film will be available on Vimeo on demand, Amazon on demand and iTunes next month.

I am now expanding the universe and writing a feature length version of the film. Good part : The pitch for the feature film has been selected as the finalist in the top Asian film market. Hope I get the funding and start the work on the feature length version!

Here is the coverage on Variety :


Congrats Ishan! Before you know it you’ll be chilling in Hollywood.


Hi Ishan, glad to find you here and hear the good news! Congratulations and best of luck for Schirkoa!

I’m also an independent animation filmmaker and wish I could provide some help to your great work!


Ah I wish, but I don’t think Hollywood likes mature animation in feature film format (Like Asia). Animation if still a family genre in most markets. That’s the obstacle I am facing everywhere. But trying again, and again :slight_smile:

Thanks man! I glanced through all your work and impressed with your strong vision. I am very much looking forward to whatever way we can collaborate in future. I am sure we will.


*Schirkoa is now available online through Vimeo-on-demand


*iTunes and Amazon-on-demand on the way.

*I am now working on the feature length film from Schirkoa’s universe. So if you are renting, watching the film and sharing the news with fellow creators, it would already be a fantastic support for the upcoming film!

  • Schirkoa has just finished 102 film festival selections and 27 awards and still running strong worldwide.

*More on https://schirkoa.com/


Congrats on your marketing efforts Ishan!
Glad to hear that the Schirkoa universe will expend into a movie.

Yeah, Hollywood is like the candy industry of America–same old 5-10
brands but fed to the masses in different shapes… nothing new.
The animation world needs new and original content such as yours,
and is more then ready for it.


Thank you KriosM!

Yes, I guess we just got to be persistent with the stories we want to tell, rather than what sells.