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I’ve been following this since the beginning. May I say WOW! You did an awesome job. I love the tone, the color and the style.

I’m glad you have been sharing it in our old IP tags. Great, great job.

Now that you are done. What are you going to do with it?

We cannot wait for the debut.


AAES-Paul, Travis, derOesi, Imhotep397
Thank you! Really glad to know you all like it.

Yes, the old IP threads were awesome. The other projects inspired me a lot back then.
As for the film, I am just submitting it to festivals and see the reaction first. I have a lot of things in mind for Schirkoa’s cozy universe but I want to get away from it for a while to get fresh ideas.

What’re you up to? Did your Kaiju project take off?



Screen Anarchy article:

Official Selection / Lisbon International Film Festival
Official Selection + Best Animated Short Film / Sydney World Film Festival
Official Selection / 12th Korean Independent Animation Film Festival


This is stunning. I love the detail, atmosphere and style. Can’t wait to see this.


Incredible work


Awesome, awesome work. Surprised I haven’t seen this yet!! I posted to our homepage: http://www.cgsociety.org/news/article/2554/schirkoa---trailer

Will do a Facebook blast as well !


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! I had no idea it was you until I saw the Avatar. Big big fan of your work. I am glad you like it.

Whoa…thanks a lot for the feature!


A quick update.

In September, I will be in South Korea to attend Schirkoa’s screening where it is accompanied by some outstanding Asian films and filmmakers. As of this moment, I am working with a sculptor to get some action figures and goodies to present in the Korean Animation flea market there. I guess it’d be fun.


Great news! Schirkoa has been officially selected in LA Shorts Fest. LA Shorts is an Oscars and BAFTA qualifying festival along with ACCT and BIFA.

Schirkoa will have its Premiere on 8th September, (L.A. LIVE Downtown) at 5:30 PM. Here is a complete list of selections:

If anyone is in LA and gets a chance to see it, please let me know how does it look :slight_smile:

Apart from that Schirkoa will have its Mexican Premiere at Corto Creativo Short Film Festival (Tijuana), along with Red Carpet and Mexican premiere of Star Trek Beyond.


What’s up-whats up-what’s up–Ishan,

So I went to see your film tonight-

The projectionist abruptly started it (no fade in, not sure if that was how it was supposed to be), but it looked great! The blacks were rich, the sound was killer. All the background elements came to life–
Question, was your resolution 4k on your DCP? It was all tight. All around, great job–can’t wait to see your making of Schirkoa video. :applause:


Whoa Narntson! Thanks for going and watching the film man. Really appreciate it!

I am bummed to know that there was no fade in. There is a fade in between 0-3 secs. But if they skipped that then yes, you may have seen an abrupt start. :sad:

My DCP was 2K only. I am glad to know that colors and images looked sharp enough and sound was awesome. Feels that the hard work paid off on big screen! Wish I could be there. But I am super glad that you were!!



Schirkoa wins “Best Animated Short” at LA Shorts last night. Winning at an Oscar qualifying festival qualifies it for the final 2 rounds of Oscars and BAFTA where it will be competing other “best of the show” winners for final 5 nominations. Still a long way to go, but so far so good.


Well this is nifty.


Schirkoa just won ‘BEST OF SHOW’ at SIGGRAPH Asia!
I will be in Macao this December to receive the award. There will also be a ‘Meet the Filmmaker’ panel where I will talk about the making and use of Redshift in the film.


CartoonBrew also feels it has some (if not a lot of) chance in the Oscars

Schirkoa’s Screenings so far :
2016 – Official Selection/ Animation Marathon (Greece)
2016 – Official Selection/ Canada Independent Film Festival (Canada)
2016 – Best Of Show/ SIGGRAPH Asia (Macao)
2016 – Official Selection/ Gdansk International Animation Film Festival (Poland)
2016 – Official Selection/ Toronto International Short Film Festival (Canada)
2016 – Official Selection/ Cut Out International Animation Festival (Mexico)
2016 – Official Selection/ SPARK Animation (Canada)
2016 – Official Selection/ Anima Mundi (Brazil)
2016 – Official Selection/ ASIFA Atlanta Animation Festival (US)
2016 – Best Art Direction/ McLeod Ganj International Festival (India)
2016 – Official Selection/ KLIK! Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2016 – Best Animated Short/ Oaxaca Film Festival (Mexico)
2016 – Best Animated Short/ LA Shorts Fest (USA)
2016 – Best Animated Short/ Be Epic London International Film Festival
2016 – Best Animated Short Film/ Venice Film Week (Italy)
2016 – Best of the Fest, Best Animated Short/ TMC London Film Festival
2016 – Best Animated Short Film/ Somerville International Film Festival, Boston
2016 – Best Animated Short/ Martinique Film Festival

2016 – Official Selection/ Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
2016 – Official Selection/ Indie Anifest (South Korea)
2016 – Best Short Film/ Los Angeles CineFest
2016 – Winner/ Around International Film Festival Berlin (Germany)
2016 – Best Animated Short Film/ Sydney International Film Festival (Australia)

2016 – Official Selection / Corto Creativo Short Film Festival (Mexico)
2016 – Official Selection/ Lisbon International Film Festival (Portugal)

You can always follow the progress on
https://www.facebook.com/schirkoa/ or


Schirkoa did not make it to the final 10 for the Oscars.

Well, it was the most competitive year ever in the shorts category so we always knew it was going to be tough. Films from Pixar, Disney and Veterans like Theodore Ushev and Patrick Osborne are in. Schirkoa will continue it’s festival run till mid 2017.



*A lot has happened in past few months. I have given seminars, masterclasses and even a TEDx talk on Schirkoa!

*The festival run has been going steady, and apart from some great festivals Schirkoa got accepted in 2 more Academy Award Qualifying festivals.

*It was featured on Cartoon Brew , Indian Express , Yahoo , AWN and many more places. (https://schirkoa.com/awards/)


Lastly, I have been working on a series of Breakdown videos. Here is the first one :



Very nice, more more! Drooling here.


Thanks man. Will try best to post more soon :slight_smile:


Long time! And lot of updates on myshort film.

-The film has been picked up for distribution by New Europe Film Sales, Poland. A number of Canal + Spain channels are already showing it on TV. ARTE and a number of Chinese and Japanese VOD platforms have has also picked it up for broadcast.

-Schirkoa has been screened in 75 Film Festivals and won 25 Awards so far. It still seems to be going strong at the festival run.

-As for the release of the short film itself, it should be out on Vimeo in early 2018. Being my first film I just want to learn what all is possible to do with your film before putting it up online.

-For everyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the film, I have an official music video coming out soon by a stunning metal band Psy:code from Denmark. This collaboration offers a good glimpse into the world of Schirkoa with several exclusive shots, while the lyrics and music elevates the story to a whole new level. Stay tuned!