IP Incubator! - SCHIRKOA


Schirkoa finishes 3 years of production. (Along with several years of slow pre production). The film is sort of wrapped. Just the final last week fixes and touch ups remain. The final cut has come out really well and I can’t wait to share it.

It’s safe to say that by May 2016 I should be able to start sending it for submissions.

The final run time stands at 13:30 mins.


Congratulations Ishan,
For following it through. We’re all looking forward to seeing the next gem from the cg treasure trove of redCigarrete!


Ha! Thanks Narston. I had a blast making it all these years. Hope you all like it as soon as it comes out :slight_smile:


I am super tired and happy. Schirkoa is finally over. Being my first film, it was a slightly tough and ambitious story to pull off. I am excited as it has come out close to what I had envisioned 4 years back.
Submissions have started. Here is a trailer and 3 posters. I don’t think I will be releasing it online this year, but I will keep posting if it gets accepted in any festivals.


Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3


Congratulations Ishan. Best of luck on the festival circuit or where ever you take it. I look forward to seeing the real thing.


Thanks a bunch jspoon. I hope to share it soon in a few months :slight_smile:


We’re at the edge of our seats.


Great to know that mate :wink:


Thanks for the plug !

I am going to start a series of breakdown stills. Subsequently I shall go through a detailed breakdown of some of the key shots and sequences.


Wow, so you modeled everything including telephone wires, etc. ? Impressive and a lot of work. I guess it allows u the control of volumetric lighting, no/yes? also your shader and texture library must be in the hundreds. I’m assuming the far away objects are lower res so your work station doesn’t explode?


Yes, everything is a model. I didn’t model everything though. A good number of props are bought from online marketplaces. Definitely, if you get all the props in scene itself it helps in final look. Oh the shader and texture libraries are big for this and many other scenes. But I down-res the textures real low (both foreground and background) while deciding the final look. And up-res very few select props that actually require some detail. All characters are alembic, all props are proxies and most textures are low res. That and Redshift make sure my machine doesn’t explode. :wink:


Production Stills - 2


Production Stills - 3


Re-edited the trailer to cut down runtime.


*wow, this is bad-ass! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more breakdowns. Would love to catch a glimpse of how you did your outline-toon look.


Thanks coccosoids!

Sure, I am working on a couple of videos showcasing my workflow. :slight_smile:


Wow! Just Wow! This is so awesome can’t imagine how you got this all to work, it’s just jaw-dropping!

Love to see the final result


so much hidden talent on this site glad i checked this forum today. We are working on ways to highlight more work like this and looking for additional mods to point great pieces like this out more often thanks for posting!


I’ve probably said this before, :wink: but: (and if not, shame on me)
very impressive, nice work!


Congrats Ishan! It looks GREAT!