IP Incubator! - SCHIRKOA


Thanks a lot! I am glad you love the style. It has taken a while to finalize the look. More soon :slight_smile:


I love the look of this so much :slight_smile: Please finish :D!


I like it bro
Keep going


daraand, seNse-3d
Thank you so much for the kind words. I am trying my best to finish this amidst life :slight_smile:


I have just finished an important environment. This one is crucial for the story. All I can say at the moment is - the third act’s catharsis begins right here.

Apart from the meeting room there will be two more environments for the office set.



This week was dedicated to slight character tweaks.

  • Baghead 197A has got a new blazer.
  • The 3rd main character is also done with final amendments. Her name is “White”.
    *White has a complicated and troubled background. She is a crucial character to the story. So I gave a little more time to her than others.
    *Animation is picking up some pace now. Yiming and Nico are able to churn out some time from their busy jobs. More on that soon.
    *In the coming week, I will still be doing some more character tweaks for the “little whore” & other secondary characters.


Environment - Train Interior


Looking very cool, dude.


Thanks Roumenov.

*Switched to Redshift.
*Rendering for Act 1 in progress
*Animation for Act 2 in progress.

A glimpse at some production stills:


An update on the train interior shot.


*It’s getting hard to work on this between work and life. Have been slow lately.
*Two more sequences ready to render.


Ha ha–Nice poster in the bckgnd! Despite everyone wearing the bags, it’s nice to see they’re individual, ie. the girl reading her phone. **so I guess I mean, u got a nice balance going there! :twisted:


Thanks Narnston.

Yes, despite the obvious similarity I am trying to diversify them as much as possible. Although it’s very subtle. Besides, I like your current project. Maybe because I like creepy characters. I respect the hard work you are putting in there. Good luck.


I really like the look of your work, especially the shot in the train station. If it’s not much trouble, would you explain your shader/compositing process a little bit?


Thanks jspoon,

Sure. I will compile some images to showcase the workflow.


A work in progress clip. Showcases 90% finalized look and feel. Missing Fx/video screens and some other elements.



Looking bad ass man :slight_smile:


That is looking really good man. I like the mood in it kind of noir like.


daraand, dpendleton
Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Act 1 finishing render soon. On to Act 2 now.