Inverted Vantage's WIP


Just started this recently, though I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. The design relies on the user controlling the car mostly through gestures, with a HUD displayed using transparent OLEDs on the windshield, and a keypad for alphanumeric entry.

I have chosen this design path to minimize the time that the driver spends looking down/away from the road - the entire control mechanism of the car should be up in front of them, to maximize safety and control. The use of a physical keypad instead of a touchscreen enhances safety - users can feel the physical keys, and thus with practice do not have to look down and away from the road to type; unlike with touchscreens, where the lack of tactile feedback precludes one’s ability to instinctively sense which keys they are pressing.

Still a WIP and I have to do the interface - so little time, so much to do! :smiley: Thanks Visteon/CGSociety for the cool contest!


Interesting cockpit design. Can’t wait to see it more fleshed out.


Nice design. Waiting for updates.
all the best



To make the interior, I decided that I had to make the exterior, or at least some rough mockup of it. I’m really trying to power through this, fingers crossed I can get it done on time. Next up is more of the interior. All next week: the interface.


I know this doesn’t show much, but it’s more to keep me on track. Interface mockup. I hope I can finish all this in time >.<


Hi InvertedVantage,

PM Suggestion incoming …


nice! keep em coming!


Just did 90% of the HUD. Now for animations, then some material changes, then rendering! :slight_smile:

The HUD is shown with all windows open.


Nice progress.


Hi InvertedVantage,

Nice progress. Looks a lot better. :beer:


Thanks guys. :slight_smile: Really doubtful I’m going to get the video done in time, but here’s the boot-up sequence;


Nice intro for the display.


Nice progress, IV!

I like the boot up sequence. I would drive that car. :slight_smile:


It’s finally done!!