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Amplify Motion, only $12.50
Exclusive for Pro and Level 11 subscribers, only during June: Product Page
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Amplify Motion - Quick Start Tutorial


$12.50 for Pro and Level 11 subscribers, only during June: Product Page


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Exclusive for Pro and Level 11 subscribers, only during June: Product Page


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Exclusive for Pro and Level 11 subscribers: Product Page


Amplify Motion - Quick Start Tutorial, Part 2


Amplify Motion, only $25: Product Page
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Hello everyone!

We are very happy to announce a major Amplify Motion update. In version 1.6.0 we added a new GPU path for skin deformation that greatly increased the performance of Skinned characters across all platforms; solid non-skinned asset performance has also been greatly increased.

New HDR support assures compatibility with other High Dynamic Range based plugins such as Amplify Color with its new Filmic Tonemapping or even Scion.

Among the new features we also took this opportunity to fix and improve possible issues such as MSAA quality, multiple camera handling, improved mobile mode with less visual artifacts, skinned meshes not taking base game object motion into account, intermittent solid meshes when attached to kinematic rigidbodies and much more.

Visit our blog post or the Asset Store page for the full list of changes.

Check out our Blog Post for additional info - Amplify Motion 1.6.0
Fully functional watermarked trial version - Download

Amplify Motion - Unity Asset Store


Has anyone played Verdun? We strongly recommend it, it’s a great example of how a soft-controlled motion blur effect can really add to a game overall quality and feel, especially when it comes to first person shooters. Be sure to check out the latest Unity 5 trailer, greatly improved since its early versions.


Play it today: Steam
Amplify Motion - Unity Asset Store


Updated the first post for quick reference and easy access to the latest information: First Post


We are happy to announce that a Free Limited Amplify Motion version without a watermark is now bundled with the awesome Racing Game Kit package for Unity. If you like racing games and you would like to try AM we strongly recommend checking it out.

It’s a solid all in one package with Bundled Vehicle Physics, Quality AI, Extensive Platform support ranging from desktops to consoles and mobiles, 3rd party integrations and it’s extremely user friendly without any coding requirements.

The Amplify Motion version included in the package is ready to use, it will only work with RGK but it has no limitations regarding commercial or non-commercial uses, feel free to use it in any of your RGK projects. The free bundled version has fixed blur and quality values, for greater quality and control you can upgrade by simply importing the Full Amplify Motion version into your project, Try it Today and unlock the full power of our motion blur solution

Be sure to visit the developer website for additional information and download links - Racing Game Kit


Happy to announce that our Unity post-process plugins, Amplify Color, Motion and Bloom are now exclusively available in the Unity Asset Store.

Full Blog Post


Firewatch is finally out, be sure to grab a copy! Taking full advantage of our Color Grading and Motion Blur solution it takes you on a intriguing journey through the Wyoming wilderness. Be sure to check out the Campo Santo Development Blog and learn more about the Firewatch development process, it’s a great resource and inspiration not only for art but also great story telling.


Get it for: Steam - PS4

[LEFT]Fully functional trial versions available: Amplify Motion Trial - Amplify Color Trial
Asset Store Page: Motion - Color
Full Post: Amplify Blog[/LEFT]


Check out Zone Controller Pro by UtopiaWorx for advanced volume based control. Also works great with all other Amplify Creations products!

Zone Controller Pro - Amplify Unity Products



Amplified both by Motion and Color, Kôna is the first installment in a series of four games, a chilly interactive tale you won’t soon forget. Step into the shoes of a detective to explore the eerie village, investigate surreal events, and battle the elements to survive. Now available via Steamand GOG.

We are giving away GOG keys, limited quantity, get in touch via email and play it today!

Check out our Blog Post for additional info - Kona, by Parabole
Amplify Motion - Unity Asset Store
Amplify Color - Unity Asset Store


All out of Kôna keys, thanks everyone!


We are happy to announce a new Amplify Motion update. Among other improvements, memory footprint has been reduced, CPU and GPU Skinning has been greatly optimized and we fixed a critical blurring issue that affected covered/occluded moving meshes in OSX.

Important Notice: Support for Unity 4.x has been dropped starting from Amplify Motion 1.8.0.

Amplify Motion v1.8.0 dev005
[li]Fixed hot reloading error
[/li][li]Fixed overlay cameras not working properly
[/li][li]Fixed blurring in covered/occluded moving meshes in OSX (glcore)
[/li][li]Fixed error BakeMesh results are invalid; skips skinned mesh
[/li][li]Fixed crash when target size was 0x0
[/li][li]Fixed warning spam in some cases
[/li][li]Fixed reprojection issues on GLES3
[/li][li]Added motion blur noise and toggle
[/li][li]Added threshold-based teleport detection to auto-reset motion vectors
[/li][li]Added AmplifyMotionObject API calls for explicit motion vector reset
[/li][li]Optimized both CPU and GPU skinning
[/li][li]Reduced memory footprint across the board
[/li][li]Organized inspector properties
[/li][li]Dropped Unity4 support for v1.8.0 and up
Fully functional trial version available: Amplify Motion Trial Download
Additional information: Amplify Motion Product Page


The Amplified Game Showcase has been updated with the latest products, Amplify Bloom and Amplify Occlusion. What can our products do for your game?


We are always on the lookout for cool projects to promote, get in touch today!



Do you have a need for speed? Time to take on the skies, challenge your limits or cruise at high altitudes and admire the scenery. The extreme sense of speed achieved by using Amplify Motion is awesome, you really have to experience it for yourself to fully enjoy it. We definitely recommend picking it up, especially if you enjoy fast-paced and exciting experiences.

Be sure to try the fully-functional Amplify Motion Trial, just add it to your camera and enjoy the results!

Full Post - Amplify Creations Blog
Amplify Motion - Product Page



Are you ready to explore the secrets of Dwindling Heights Keep? Ghost of a Tale is an amazing looking game, it’s a great example of the level of detail possible with Unity3d. Developed by an extremely small team, it manages to raise the bar on what we have come to expect from Steam early-access games. Ghost of a Tale makes great use of Amplify Motion, the blur effect is very well adapted and serves only to emphasize the already excellent animation.

Be sure to try the fully-functional Amplify Motion Trial, just add it to your camera and enjoy the results!

Full Post - Amplify Creations Blog
Amplify Motion - Product Page


Amplify Motion is a complete and fast full-scene vector based motion blur effect that works with all opaque, coverage and alpha-test surfaces. It supports both stationary and moving objects as well as Skinned, Cloth meshes, Alpha-Test and Mesh based Particle systems, and even allows for object isolation. It’s fast-performing, future proof, and can be yours for only $15 in the next 24 hours. Get it today!

Amplify Motion -Asset Store Page
Fully Functional Trial Version - Download

What does Ghost of a Tale, Firewatch, p.a.m.e.l.a., Manifold Garden, Rust, The Forest, Night In The Woods, Broforce and Star Wars Journeys Ep 1 – to name a few – have in common? Check out our full suite of Amplify Unity Products and find out what they can do for your project.


Did someone say accurate skinned mesh support?