Introducing Amplify Color - Industry Level Color Grading for Unity


Amplify Color is one of the leading choices for accurate and high performing Industry Level Color Grading. Extremely easy to use and to integrate in your project, no coding required. An efficient color grading extension comparable to industry standards used in VFX and Film, future proof and high-performing even on mobile devices.

Any artist can pick up this extension and quickly color grade a Unity scene. Be it via the semi-automated workflow where it actually connects to Photoshop or with other software such as Nuke, DaVinci Resolve or After Effects using the file mode.

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What does Rust, p.a.m.e.l.a., Manifold Garden, Firewatch, The Forest, Night In The Woods, Broforce, The Divine Unity Shrine, Soul Axiom and Star Wars Journeys Ep 1 to name a few have in common? Visit our Customer Showcase and Product Page to find out.

Amplify Color Overview


By using LUT’s (Lookup Up Tables), any color profile created can be adjusted and even loaded at run-time allowing users to seamlessly blend between various looks. Users can also use Color Volumes, Dynamic and Depth masking to extend their color based effects.

LUT’s combine and retain all external color alterations; among other effects, Color Balance, Curves, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation and Hue adjustments will all apply to your in-game assets. Users can also take advantage of commercially available LUT packs and apply them directly to Unity Exported Reference Images using the File Mode or Photoshop connection.

There are many types of LUT file formats but Amplify Color will only be able to read compatible Look up Tables in bitmap format(1024x32), as do similar effects in Unity; below is an example of a LUT image.

What can a LUT do for RAW media? Check out the video below by the great team at Vision Colorto find out and be sure to try out their LUT Packs.


[LEFT]Amplify Color Features:[/LEFT]
[li][LEFT]Industry level color grading for 3D/2D Games[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]High-performance and Mobile-ready[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Semi-automated Photoshop workflow[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]File-based workflow for any other Image Editor[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Dynamic blending between profiles[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Texture-based per-pixel masking[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]All Color Alterations Supported[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Oculus/VR friendly[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Color Volumes[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Third-party Effects Volume Blending[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Base and Volume LUT mixing[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Optimized for mobile[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]Complete source-code[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]For Desktops, Consoles & Mobile Devices[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]NEW! 2D Color Volumes[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]NEW! Depth-based Masking[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]NEW! HDR Tone Mapping[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]NEW! HDR Dithering[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]NEW! Broader mobile device support[/LEFT]
[/li][li][LEFT]NEW! Improved tools[/LEFT]
Amplify Color Volumes empowers your artists by allowing them to use volumes to efficiently define color correction, effects & events by area. Volumes automatically blend between LUT’s, support Base and Volume LUT mixing and Third-party Effects Volume Blending whilst maintaining volume detection accuracy.


Tonemmaping allows for quick and lightweight adjustments without the need to rely on additional camera components or 3rd-party effects, it also provides a HDR Dithering solution allowing for even more accurate results.

Depth Masking allows you to blend different LUT’s based on depth information by simply adjusting a curve as you would with similar Unity components. Create interesting and dynamic scene moods or simply isolate certain assets based on their depth value such as skyboxes or backgrounds models.

Dynamic Masking provides a quick and easy way to isolate assets by taking advantage of the built-in Unity Culling Mask options

Masking assets is extremely quick to setup and it also works great with 2D Games, be sure to check the Project Samples in the Manual Page; section 6 – Dynamic & Depth Masks.

Be sure to contact us if you run into any problems or if you have any questions regarding our products, we would be happy to help. You are all premium users to us, stay in touch, we would love to hear more about your work.


We are happy to announce a new version of Amplify Color, currently 50% off in the Unity Asset Store. In this new version we introduced additional mobile specific optimizations and Color Volumes.
[li]Color Volumes: This new feature will empower your artists by allowing them to use volumes to efficiently define color correction by area.
[/li][li]Mobile Mode: We introduced some new mobile optimizations that will give you an extra boost in performance when using older devices.
Update Overview


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Our friends at Rust LTD are getting close to deliver Alloy 2.0. We would like to invite you all to try their Physical Shader Framework and their latest techdemo, Elemental Sword.

The following techdemo demonstrates some of the improvements and extensively uses TC Particles, Skyshop and Amplify Color.


Download the demo: [Elemental Sword](!GNN0STLY!Tm_zwwYn_PaaK6smvy8t70ZgtpR9L5bQgTdDoKD AGbM)

We would also like to remind you that Amplify Color is currently 50% Off - Amplify Color Asset Store Page


Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace is a space combat simulation game featuring mystery, romance, cat-augmentation, space-faring dinosaurs and a heartfelt appreciation for 80s sci-fi cartoons. Developed by Philipp Seifried, the game will launch on iOS in early 2014, with releases on other platforms (Android, PC, Mac) planned later in the year.


An awesome looking game, amplified by our color grading technology and developed entirely by one person, Philip did all the code, graphics, music/sfx, writing, cat-petting and PR. We also suspect he taught dinosaurs how to pilot spaceships and for one we welcome our new reptilian overlords.


Amplify Color is not just for 3d games, flexible and robust it covers all your 2d game requirements. Check out this awesome project by Free Lives, an independent game design studio based in Cape Town, South Africa .

You play as 80’s and 90’s action heroes waging war against terror in almost entirely destructible nostalgic settings. Incredibly fun to play , amazing visuals, sound and VFX.



Amplify Color - Unity Asset Store

Fully functional watermarked trial version - Download


We are happy to announce a new version of Amplify Color. In this new update we expanded our volume based functionalities and we now support volume based 3rd party effects and custom events. We also improved overall performance, added the ability to blend Base Lut’s with Volume Lut’s and added specific optimizations for overlapping volumes. Amplify Color is now open to everyone, the standard version includes all the required source files in order to develop new functionalities or to expand existing ones.

Stay tuned we included a special preview near the end of this video.

Update Overview


Visit our product page for more information, fully functional trials available: Amplify Product Page

Amplify Color is available in the Unity Asset Store: Asset Store Page


• Industry level color grading
• Semi-automated Photoshop workflow
• File-based workflow for any other Image Editor
• Dynamic blending between profiles
• Texture-based per-pixel masking
• All Color Alterations Supported
• Oculus/VR friendly
• Color Volumes
• Performance/Mobile Mode
• NEW! More Source Code
• NEW! Third-party Effects Volume Blending
• NEW! Better Volume detection accuracy
• NEW! Base and Volume LUT mixing
• NEW! Unity 5 support

**We also updated our customer showcase, check it out!


Firewatch, a absolutely gorgeous game and one of the great surprises from PAX Prime 2014. Among other techniques, the game makes use of Amplify Color for its incredible and dynamic environment mood, we definitely recommend that you check it out.

Firewatch, by Campo Santo


Amplify Color - Unity Asset Store

Check out our Blog Post for additional info: Firewatch

Fully functional watermarked trial version - Download


Powered by Amplify Color, Null Operator is a 6-degrees-of-freedom procedural action stealth roguelike for PC and VR currently being developed by RUST. Inspired by old school games like Descente or Forsaken, as fans, we can’t wait to try it ourselves.The game also takes full advantage of Alloy, one of the best physically based shading frameworks for Unity, and fully compatible with Amplify Texture 2.

Null Operator, by RUST LTD


Amplify Color - Unity Asset Store

Check out our Blog Post for additional info: Null Operator

Fully functional watermarked trial version - Download


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Amplify Color - Unity Asset Store
Amplify Motion - Unity Asset Store
Check out our Blog Post for additional info - Amplify Blog
Fully functional watermarked trial version - Download


Amplify Color also works great with 2d games. Check out the fantastic work by Bombsfall and be sure to try out our fully functional Trial Version.


Quick reminder, Amplify Color & Motion are currently 50% OFF exclusively at the Unity Asset Store.


For anyone interested, we would like to remind you that we currently offer 50% OFF on Amplify Color and Motion, exclusively on the Unity Asset Store. We would also like to thank everyone that took advantage of our promotional offer and if you have not already check out our fully functional Trial Versions.

Exclusively on the Unity Asset Store:
Motion Product Page
Color Product Page

Latest Builds:
Amplify Color: Download
Amplify Motion: Download
Amplify Texture 2: Download

All builds were recently updated to accommodate Unity5 Beta Updates. If you experience any issues in U5 B19 with Amplify Motion after importing the trial; install the following package: Assets/AmplifyMotion/InstallForUnity5.unitypackage

The Unity related issue only affects trial version; the full version doesn’t need extra installs.



A great example of the quality that can be achieved with Enlighten in this new Unity 5 Tech Demo by Alex Lovett. We look forward to future demos, it’s always great to see our products in action, both Amplify Color and Motion were used to enhance the final look.

[B]The Divine Unity Shrine – GI Tech Demo


Amplify Blog - The Divine Unity Shrine: GI Tech Demo

Fully functional watermarked trial versions - Download


For anyone experiencing update issues with the Unity Asset Store service, we are happy to announce that a fix has been accepted and should be available to everyone.

Our latest Amplify Color and Motion update fixes potential script disconnection issues when upgrading from older versions and the dreaded stuck in the “Updating Status” of the Asset Store Unity Tab. We’ve corrected our deployment process to ensure this never happens again.

If you run into unexpected update issues it’s probably best to remove the older version before importing the new package. Should you need dedicated support we would be happy to help via

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Full Unity 5 Support
Amplify Color - Amplify Motion


Developed by Allen Trivette & Lee Williams and published by Night Dive Studios, Spirits of Xanadu is an atmospheric exploration game set aboard a deserted starship in an alternate 1980s. SX is amplified by our color grading and high quality vector based motion blur solution. You have to play it for yourself in order to fully appreciate it, if your are fan of the genre you wont be disappointed.


Play it today: Steam
Full Post: Amplify Blog
Amplify Color - Unity Asset Store
Amplify Motion - Unity Asset Store


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Exclusive for Pro and Level 11 subscribers: Product Page


Night in the Woods

Great article about color grading and look development in Unity. Check it out if you want to learn more about the awesome product offering in the Unity Asset Store. Quick reminder, our own color grading solution is currently available at half-price for Level 11 Members.



This is the Color Grading plugin you’re looking for! Amplify Color, only $12.50 for Level 11 Members.


Amplify Blog - Star Wars: Journeys
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Looking for affordable and high quality LUT’s? Be sure to check the awesome Color Grading LUT Pack by Flow Fire Games, over 100+ color presets.

The Asset Pack contains several types of LUT’s:

[li]Blockbuster Cinema
[/li][li]Vintage Retro & Hip filters
[/li][li]Day and Night
[/li][li]Camera effects
[/li][li]Beauty gradings
[/li][li]Black and White styles
[/li][li]Grunge and Horror
[/li][li]and much more!

Get it now: Asset Store Page
Flow Fire Games: Assets
Amplify Blog: Full Post

Works best with Amplify Color – Advanced Color Grading
Our grading solution brings industry-level color grading to your Unity game by mimicking the color transforms made inside a tool like Photoshop or typical grading software such as Nuke, After Effects, Fusion or similar; e.g. change contrast, color curves, exposure, saturation, hue and more, or a combination of all transforms at once. For Desktop, WebGL, Mobile & Consoles.

Product Page - Download Trial - Web Demo


Soul Axiom is a fantastic indie game developed by Wales Interactive and amplified by our color grading plugin. Great narrative and visuals, currently available on Steam for PC, Linux & Mac.


Fully functional watermarked trial versions - Download
Amplify Color - Asset Store Page

Amplify Blog - Soul Axiom


A new major Amplify Color update is now available, directly trough the Asset Store or our own website. We would like to start by thanking you all for your patience when it comes to our occasionally slower iteration rate, we might seem silent but we are hard at work in the background with developers such as yourself; always exploring new features and improvement or providing the kind of premium support that you can always expect from us.

Among other improvements in version 1.5.1 we introduce a lightweight Filmic Tonemapping option, appropriate HDR Dithering & adjustable Exposure. It’s now possible to use Depth-based Masks via a curve controller and we also added 2D Collider support. By working closely with a few select developers we also found a critical workaround for a HW Clamping related issue plaguing the iPhone5s/iPAdAir, we also improved color space conversion, shader optimization and error handling in Unity 5.

Be sure to visit our blog for the full change list, try it today!

Stay tuned, we are working on innovative tools that will greatly improve your workflow and ease of use.

Check out our Blog Post for additional info - Amplify Update 1.5.1
Fully functional watermarked trial version - Download

Amplify Color - Unity Asset Store