Intersect two objects c4d r21


Hey guys!

I’m new to C4D, and have a simple question, which you can see in the video below.

I’d like to intersect two objects in the viewport:

I can achieve something like this in Illustrator, watch this if you want to get my point better:



You are talking about snapping. c4d is rubbish at snapping primitive objects together. You need to do this:
Create a null.
Switch on snapping and enable edge snapping.
Snap the null to the edge of your sphere.
Make the sphere a child of the null.
Move the null towards the cube and it will snap to the edge of the cube.


In 3d the objects want to snap at their origin point, which by default is at the object center. That’s the reason for mitchino’s method.

Another way to do it is with a little quick math. If, here in your example, both objects are 200 cm in size…you know that the sphere will be exactly touching/adjacent if you move it’s coordinates to 200 along the desired axis.

In your case the cube is at 0,0,0. So sphere should have coordinates of 200,0,0.


Both answers are totally valid methods, I use both quite a bit but there is a more dynamic way of doing it that I use when it’s orthographic snapping.

It’s a similar method that @mitchino has outlined using just the Move Tool, Axis and Snapping.

Axis manipulation is the key:

  1. with the Move Tool and Snapping active, select the object you want to move.
  2. On the axis handle you want to move along, Ctrl+Right Click it and release.
  3. The Axis handle will now be moving with the mouse but not the object, you then move the mouse over the edge you want to move (so you see the snapping activate).
  4. Left Click and hold at that snapped edge, drag over to the target edge until it snaps and release the mouse.

Sounds a bit convoluted, but once you’re used to it, it’s quite useful.
Here it is in action:

Here it is in 3D with Polygon snapping:

For the original example, you’d want both Edge and Vertex snapping:



That’s a nice technique, but I find it very awkward, need more practice!


It is definitely awkward, I had to force myself to use it to work out the quirks.
The main one is that releasing both Right click and Ctrl after selecting the specific axis handle feels totally alien. It feels a bit like a secret “activate this mode” action. Once the axis is in that mode, it’s a bit easier.


Exactly. I tried to practice it years ago, but then months later, tried to deploy method, found I was back looking at ‘help’ again.

It’s way too fussy for something that should be easy. And I remember I was in @Signola 's shoes 10 years ago…on this very forum asking why something so easy in a drawing program (like Illustrator) should be so difficult. I was shocked and a bit miffed.

It’s amazing Maxon hasn’t addressed it 25 years.