Interest in New GPUs?



Faster than we thought. Even the 3070 at $500 is faster than previous 2080TI.

3090 is the Titan successor… one big bad mf.


The 3090 has more memory than I currently have RAM installed…

Overall, they look much better for the money than the 20XX series. The specs in Vray and Cycles look impressive.

The only drawback seems to be the power draw which is significant (350 W / 320 W for the top two).


True but consider the 10,496 CUDA cores…nearly 3x the 3584 in my 1080TI…and well over 2x the cores in the 2080 TI. For 3d rendering CUDA generally scales in a quite linear fashion.

Does seem they deferred the Traversal CoProcessor for a few years, but I’m in. Seems there will be few technical hurdles for Octane, VRAY, Redshift to integrate to make full use of the CUDA cores, AI features and the RT jump.

Only decision here is 3080 or 3090. Throwing caution to the wind: sheer human survival optional; fun and creativity required.

Anway…still need to see benchmarks. Hope those come soon from independent YouTubers.


pricing looks great. pretty much junk pricing current and previous gen equipment.


3090 aren’t going to be available in numbers for a long while, you’re going to be lucky to score one.


Yup. And this even applies to 3090 when you consider it is the replacement for $2,500 Titan.

I’m guessing your in line w/me.


From what I read elsewhere the claimed ‘core count’ - 10,496 etc - is a bit of Nvidia Hype. I understand that the actual core count is half that, but they run with some form of ‘2x processing’. I’ve no idea what that means in real world performance terms - but I suspect it may not be quite the leap the headline ‘core count’ suggests.


There is certainly some iffy “AMD 8 core cpu” maths going on here. Doubling a core count would double performance, plus the memory, clocks and other improvements would make the new cards some 2.5 - 3x faster, which they obviously aren’t. I suspect in reality the core numbers are halved and we’re getting some sort of hyperthreading for the GPU. Ultimately I don’t care what they want to label it as so long as the performance is there.


Here’s a hands-on review of the 3080, although specifically dealing with gaming.
Shows what a jump up it is in performance though.


I’m not sure ‘Hype’ is the right word for it, but there has been a change in how Nvidia is counting CUDA cores. The new cards feature twice the number of floating point units in each SM, so they are counting the cores twice.

Long and short of it is that the cores are doing something that might approximate twice the previous work per second. Doesn’t seem like it’s a true doubling, but perhaps close.

Ampere rendering w/Cycles and VRAY were touted as 2x faster…so if that bears out for us users…perhaps we can’t really can’t complain about how Nvidia is counting the cores. We’ll find out soon: hype or not.

Edit: Nvidia claims 1.7x boost in CUDA performance.





This beast is crushing render times in Blender Cycles… The previous king, the Titan RTX looks obsolete already. The performance is jaw dropping in rendering. Of course, gaming performance was very good too, but not 100% up as in rendering:


Now…as for actually being able to find one to buy…


You might have to put one on your Christmas wish list : )


What a bizarre problem. Nvidia has had to go through extreme steps to ward off bots and scalpers. Someone listed a 3080 on ebay for $80k. What the actual…


The high prices on ebay are people vandalising the auctions with fake bids from new accounts.


I get that I just never imagined all this over GPU cards.


Fingers crossed that Nvidia launch their ‘20GB’ version of the 3080 soon - and that the scalpers are left wih lots of unsold stock : )


3090 = 20% faster rendering + 14GB more VRAM.

In 6 hours the 3090 “goes on sale”…for the few hundred or so global customers that will be able to buy. LOL. Maybe they have a few thousand, max, IMO.

Estimates for Octane Bench score: 674.

OB scores:
1080TI: 195
3080: 571 (validated)
3090: 674 (estimated)

345% improvement from what I have.

But…I won’t be rushed…


a future 20GB 3080 looks likely to be ‘best buy’. 2x if you can keep them from cooking.