New computer… copied over the EIAS folder (like always)

Installed the eve3.framework from the 6.6 disk (v7 was digital, 6.6 easier to find)

Modeler runs fine, but EIAS gives me a wrong version error to the eve3framework…

any ideas?

(10.6.3, MacIntel - EI v7)



from the very top of my head, there was installation problems in the presence of antivirus app and I suggest you get the latest Sentinel Drivers here:


Also if you used the migration tool to get content from your old mac to the new mac. Check you system preferences to make sure that you don’t have the old driver installed. To remove just right click on the item and remove.

I’m still on Leopard and I don’t know if there are any issues with Snow Leopard.

Let us know if it works. If it does I’m upgrading to Snow Leopard. :thumbsup:


Got an installer from v8 and fixed the issue…



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