Inspiration and support


Hello there,

I have established patreon profile, where I put myself out and where it would be great to received support.

I am not doing as I think most of the people do today. Get there. and hey, Lets connect profile with facebook instagram and other social media to get as many subscribers as possible, quit the job. stop doing everything, to be able to do what is nice, what feels nice and do all this promises back, to give nice images to one who pay for the support. Sorry but I wont do that. I find it sneaky and supporting not good cause.

I think there many artists, people who wants to master drawing, who wants to do art or in general good work. that satisfy them. but they go through difficulties, do not know to which source to trust, and dont want to waste any time. where the hell go. what to do? How to start?

you know. I have been there too. and I wasnt the youngest at that time. with past behind my back of not been accepted by ART university and got on wrong track and wasted many years, untill this year, where I started to trust myself made a plan and made a decision to do it on my own. learn how to draw and all other challenges that has come along with it.

I have full time job not as an artist. different job and it was really hard to maintain motivation up, inventive spirit, what next step be. when I got home after working whole day, when people were taking nap, my real work was about to start.

it was hard, and I am grateful that it was like that. it challenged me to do something with my life I always wanted to do. without be selfish. ask patreon for money, quit my job ans sit home drawing.

Sorry. It may piss lots of people off by stating this. But its just my truth.

Anyways. I thought. Hey by continue what I am doing and working hard- which is always somehow rewarding, may be a insration for other people going more and less through the same issues. other aspiting artist. And hey its a good way how to get to know same thinkers. and be supported, hey, cool.

So I did it. I established my patreon, to have the place where my ideas, artworks will get into solid form and will be offered widely to other people. doing it for myself and whoever wants to support me. opposite from ,earning- mentality, as much as possible, to become finally ,independent, ha. how far from the true…

and of course by doing this I would like to have suport. financial but more than having goal back in my mind to profit money from it, its more about mental support.

I am not a facebook type neither instagram. I suck with social media. My social media is my daily life out there. not online.

So I dont work this way. and its easy to click on button share with facebook or instagram and get that masses of people on my side.

If this sounds intresting and you want to be part of it or you like the idea behind, please check my profile.

Thank you. have a good day.


Hi! I just wanted to support you with the nice words as learning something new is always difficult, and you should keep working. You deserve inspiration as all of us! If talking about me, I wanted to become a writer but due to the lack of skills and opportunities to realize my potential, I missed my chance, but now I decided to try and find the edu zaurus website that offers free writing samples for students. I have chosen the columbian exchange subject that really makes interest for me. I hope that you and I will achieve success in what we do.


I am very happy for you, and of course, I like your story. You have a very interesting idea to promote yourself without usual social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Probably you are right. I can recommend you great site with free mockup templates. Who knows where to get inspiration, isn’t it? I give you my support, good luck to your Patreon, and your art projects.